Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ohayocon Prep 25

First of all, it looks like there's going to be some changes in my sewing plans over the next few weeks. Miss Dashwood's Catwoman costume is still on (details below) but my beau has decided that he would prefer that I make my Imperial Officer costume instead of finishing his Joker. However, the party that the IO uniform would be for is on the same day as Miss Dashwood's birthday celebration so honestly at this moment, I am unaware of what exactly I will be working on between now and Ohayocon (which is 26 days away, by the way).

Last night, Miss Stoup and I had a sewing night while our respective significant others watched movies. I helped her with understanding the directions for her costume and she got the bodice mainly constructed. I worked on Miss Dashwood's bustle belt. I cut out the belt, adding a seam allowance to the pattern that I made last week, and sewed the two pieces together along the scalloped bottom. Then I clipped all the points and corners, turned the belt and then pinned the top edge under and sewed the belt together along that edge as well. Next was top stitching the scallops and the ends so everything is consistent. Unable to work on pockets or the front closure without Miss Dashwood's input, I started on the bustle portion. The bottom ruffle went on first -- 24" (twice the width of the scallop opening the bustle covers) x 6" (long enough to come below the bottom of the belt). I finished the edges, then put a gathering stitch along the top and gathered the ruffle down to cover the scallop. That ruffle was stitched down and then I started on the next ruffle. It was about 18" long, but I guessed the width and never measured it. It's probably around 4" wide. Again the edges were finished, the top was gathered and the ruffle was stitched down. Unfortuneately, I accidentally put the gathering thread (which is gold) on the top of the ruffle so I need to remove it before I stitch on the last ruffle, which is about 12" by 3". I finished the edges and plan to gather it and stitch it down today. EDIT I took out the stitching on ruffle #2, then gathered and stitched down ruffle #3. I really can't do anything else without Miss Dashwood (the next step I want to do is the snaps on the front, which I need her for). I have some of the fabric with me so I may cut out pockets either tonight or tomorrow during work.

At a stopping point on Miss Dashwood's costume, I pulled out my beau's quilt and finished stitching the blocks into rows. Next up is ironing before I stitch the rows together into a quilt top.
EDIT I ironed all seven rows and sewed the top two together. They're in my bag to take to my beau's this evening so I may work on them there.

I haven't worked on my HQ mask yet, but that is next on my list to do today. EDIT - I shortened the dowel rod I purchased for the mask's handle and painted it red. The paint dried a little spotty so I'm going to wrap it in ribbon. At least with the paint underneath no wood will show. I also tried on the costume and it looks fantastic. I'll definitely need help with getting into it - I don't like the way I bustled it so I'll need help with that. I need to sew a hook onto my costume for the mask when I don't want to carry it. That'll probably go on the side of the jacket near the bottom. Its in my bag to do at work tomorrow.

What I'd like to do today -
1. Finish my HQ mask - EDIT worked on it
2. Do everything I can on Catwoman without Miss Dashwood's input (she's visiting her beau this weekend) - EDIT pretty much did this
3. Iron and sew the rows into a quilt top - EDIT ironed and started sewing the rows together

A bientot

Miss Leah J Wilde
Steam-stress of the Airship Archon

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