Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ohayocon Prep 28

1. I finished sewing the second ear onto the hat, so that is DONE.
2. Miss Dashwood approved her shirt so all I have to do is some tacking by hand and a bit of clean up.
3. Tonight I put together the bustle for her utility bustle, the pockets and the D rings. I even put snaps on the pockets using a snap tool and a hammer -- that was a new experience. All I need to do is baste the bustle closed. Eventually it'll be a zipping pouch, but for now its just going to be basted closed.

Imperial Officer

I cut out the jacket and the skirt this evening. I'm hoping that everything goes together like I think it will. I cut the front overlap piece on the fold so that it will come up on both sides of the collar instead of just one. I shortened the pattern then felt that I shortened it too much and added a couple inches to each piece when I cut them out. I also did an adjustment to the side front piece that creates the code cylinder pockets. Basically, all you need to do is cut the pattern piece about halfway down the sleeve opening, and separate the pattern pieces about 7.5 inches. Then you cut out the fabric and theoretically fold it so that a pocket is created and the piece is the same size as the original pattern piece. I got the directions from a couple tutorials on the Imperial Officer's message board, so hopefully it'll work out as planned. I didn't cut out the facing, I'll probably have to draft a custom piece to match my front, or just cut another front out and use that as the facing.

The skirt will probably be the first piece I sew. It's a pattern I've used before and it's relatively simple. I also feel that its best to get the easy part out of the way so my full concentration can be on the complexity of the jacket.

In other news, no progress has been made on normal clothes or the Joker. I may work on the pants for the Joker soon, but I don't know. I think I'd rather get my sewing for me done first, so more than likely, the Kermit pants will be next.

Well, I should get some rest. Work and then a gathering in the Captain's Quarters tomorrow evening. And then I'll be visiting my beau.

A bientot

Miss Leah J Wilde

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