Friday, April 27, 2012


So I finally made time late last night to try on my playsuit...And yeah, it's going to need to be taken in. So the plan is to take it in on Monday, then bring it to work and try to get the zipper done, and hem it Wednesday so it can go in my bag Wednesday or Thursday for me to fly to Florida on Thursday afternoon.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost there!

Okay, boys and girls, I'm ready for Pittsburgh and the Symposium this week! I finished the blanket last week (now to find wrapping...) and I finished the mask over the weekend, as well as added some fake coins to my clip on purse.

Not only that, I also packed for both trips! And for Florida!

So all that's left to do is finish the playsuit before I leave for Florida! Along with half a dozen other little non-sewing tasks that need completed.

As for the Symposium, it doesn't look like I'll be on any panels. The one the Captain slated me for is Friday evening and I won't be there. So I'll just be an attendee this time, but there's loads of interesting panels going on, so I doubt I'll be bored. Although, there is a lull Saturday afternoon wherein I believe I'll take time to visit a dear friend because we won't be far from his shop.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Progress! Update 4/16/2012

Weekend progress:

I think the Roma accessories are finished. I ended up covering the clip on purse with purple brocode, black and silver stripe and black lace.

The playsuit is together except for the zipper and the hem, which can wait til after the Symposium if necessary.

I started blanket stitching the fleece blanket and got about halfway done before my fingers were killing me. I need to buy more pearle cotton today so I can finish it.

I cut out the base of the mask. I've got white satin to do the bottom layer and black flocked chiffon for the top because I couldn't find any lace in my stash.

So my current list is:
  1. Finish the blanket after I buy more pearle cotton.
  2. Finish the mask.
  3. After the Symposium, finish the playsuit and see about a sarong.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Quilting Ideas

I've been contemplating making myself a sampler quilt. So today I took a look at quilt patterns and started making a list of patterns I like. I'm thinking of using a lot of state themed blocks along with some Bible themed and then just some blocks that I like. I have a box full of cotton scraps, I might as well make a quilt.


Mainly traditional: Amish Star, Aunt Dinah, Baton Rouge Square, Celtic Twist, Treasures from Ireland, Triple Irish Chain, Dublin Steps, Flying Bats, Irish Chain, Jack in the Pulpit, Log Cabin, Kiss Block, Love Entangled, Northumberland Star, Oh Susanna, Pathways, Providence, Shoo Fly, Spinning Star, Square and Star, Star in Square, Stepping Stones, Churn Dash, A Dandy, Salem, Prairie Queen

Biblical: Cross and Crown, Crown of Thorns, Dove in the Window, Jacob's Ladder

States: Ohio Snowflake, Ohio Star, Crossing Ohio, Pennsylvania Parade, Indiana Puzzle, Kentucky Patch

I'm thinking machine pieced and hand quilted. Definitely a long term project.

Change of Plans

After thinking about it and talking it over with my dear mother, I have decided to make some changes in my sewing plans.

Since I'm worried about not getting the pink Paris bodice done for the Symposium, I'm just marking it off my list. My mother made the excellent point that if I rush, I'm not going to do my best.

So the plan is:

  • Finish the accessories for steampunk Roma: decorate clip on purse, gather jewelry and do something with my fake coins.
  • Finish putting together the playsuit: stitching lines on the back, elastic, sewing sides to back and front, then sewing the bodice to the shorts.
  • Blanket stitch the fleece blanket edges.
  • Make a black lace mask for the masquerade. I'll probably wear some combination of my silver plaid wardrobe, but my mother made another excellent point that a black lace mask would be easily worn with about anything.
  • After the Symposium, put a zipper in the playsuit. And see about that sarong.

How many sewing days I left: just four weekend days and three or four evenings. And about two weeks worth of lunch breaks.

This weekend, I plan to focus on the playsuit first, then work on my costume accessories, mask and the blanket. I think not finishing the Paris outfit is a good choice, given the time constraints.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Petticoat of Doom

Well, friends, after hours of gathering, hand sewing, and decorative machine stitching of dozens of yards of fabric, the petticoat of doom is DONE. Which means of course that (except for accessories) my steampunk Roma costume is also DONE.

*pause for rejoicing*


The completed petticoat (of doom)

A close up of the hand stitched hem with lace.

A close up of the decorative stitching along the hem of the bottom ruffle

As for accessories, I'm attempting to decorate this little clip on purse, that just happens to fit perfectly onto the D rings on my corset. This was actually on accident, I didn't even know I had this little purse when I was putting the D rings on!

I don't really like the black braid that's pinned on here, so I am taking suggestions. Current ideas include a white lace rossette with a large silver button in the middle, a small pocket on the outside for my calling cards, and lace or fringe instead of (or in addition to) the braid.

Any other suggestions?

I'm also planning to do something with some fake coins I have, jewelry or trim on something. And I've been gathering together jewelry together, so far I have huge hoop earrings and lots of bangles to wear, as well as a few necklaces. I also think I'm going to add some more D rings to my corset.

In other news, the basque bodice is ready for the next stage of sewing as is the playsuit. My plan this weekend is to tackle the playsuit first and get it to the zipper stage. Then work on and hopefully finish the bodice before the Symposium.

To Do List (in two weeks from tomorrow for the most part):
  • Finish the accessories for steampunk Roma
  • Finish putting together the playsuit: stitching lines on the back, elastic, sewing sides to back and front, then sewing the bodice to the shorts.
  • Blanket stitch the fleece blanket edges. I think I found some thread in my stash
  • Fix the basque lining, then sew the shoulders of the lining and the outside together. Fix the vest pieces (basting showed when I turned them) and sew those onto the bodice, then try it on. Finish the sleeves. Finish and attach the collar. Attach the sleeves. Insert the boning, attach the lining. Cut yards of bias from the Paris print and use it to trim out all the raw edges. Add false buttons to the front and some kind of actual closure, thinking snaps.
  • Make a mask for one of my costumes for the masquerade.
  • After the Symposium, put a zipper in the playsuit.

You know I'm really wondering if the bodice is going to be finished or not...So much left to do...Idea: wear it as a vest now and add the sleeves later...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updated April To Do List

Basic To Do List:
  • Gypsy / Roma Steampunk - Deadline: April 24
  • 1880s Paris Themed Bodice and Overskirt - Deadline: April 24
  • Playsuit for Florida - Deadline: May 2
  • Blanket - Deadline: April 24
  • Sarong for Florida - Deadline: May 2

Where I Currently Stand and What Still Needs Done:

Gypsy / Roma Steampunk: This is a complicated costume, and most of the pieces are done: The bodice has been done for months. I finished the crazy quilt skirt last weekend. The headscarf is done (wearable at least). And the petticoat is almost complete: I reinforced the yoke last night with another piece of fabric and pinned on the waistband. So all that's left is stitching the waistband on and adding a closure. And gathering the jewelry to wear.

1880s Paris Themed Bodice and Overskirt: The overskirt has been done. The bodice is in the process of being put together. There's a lot of work left to be done on the bodice so we'll see if it gets done in time. This is on hold til I get my sewing machine back.

Blanket: This is put together, I need to buy some embroidery floss (probably black) and start blanket stitching the edges.

Playsuit: Almost complete. I need to sew channels on the back, insert the elastic, finish putting the bodice together, attach the bodice to the legs and then insert the zipper.

Sarong: I doubt much sewing will be involved in this. I may just take a length of fabric with me and use it with unfinished edges. Of course, I need to sort through my fabric first and find something to use.

I called yesterday, but the sewing machine repair place was closed. I'm going to call again today. Hopefully I'll get my machine back soon. For now, I'm going to work on the petticoat and then the blanket, since that's handwork. And find fabric for the Florida Sarong.

EDIT: I called on my lunch and Fern was ready for pickup, so I went and got her! She's safe and sound in my trunk now and I can't wait to sew with her! That'll happen tomorrow. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sewing Progress!

The petticoat: Is almost done. The black ruffle is attached, hemmed and even has a decorative stitch in white around the hem. I need to reinforce the yoke (I think the petticoat is too heavy for just a one layer yoke), redo the waistband, and add a hook and eye and then it'll be done. I've nicknamed it the 'petticoat of doom' because there is so much fabric involved.

The Basque: I finished cutting out the lining and started putting it together. I got the lining sewn together, the outer fabric sewn together, the sleeves sewn together in both lining and satin, the cuffs sewn together and the collar sewn together. Next up is assembling all the pieces. And fixing the lining because I somehow sewed one front upside down.

The blanket: Is put together. All I have to do is blanket stitch the edges. I need to buy some embroidery floss I think.

The playsuit: Is well on the way to being done. The bodice front is together and lined. The bodice side backs are lined. The legs of the playsuit are put together. I need to sew channels on the back, insert the elastic, finish putting the bodice together, attach the bodice to the legs and then insert the zipper.

I actually feel like I just might be able to finish all this on time...This afternoon I'm going to call for an estimated time for getting Fern back.

Friday, April 6, 2012

What's In Miss Wilde's Sewing Basket

I packed a lot to work on this weekend, since it's my only sewing machine access for a while:

  • The petticoat. I just finished sewing the hem by hand, but I need to add the black ruffle, so the black broadcloth is packed. I also packed the crazy quilt skirt so we can measure the petticoat length for the black ruffle.
  • The basque bodice. I need to finish cutting the lining from the broadcloth and start putting it together.
  • The blanket.
  • The playsuit. Everything's cut out just need to start putting it together. I found lilac thread to use! And I think I'm just gonna with a white zipper.

I'm hoping to get the petticoat done, the blanket sewn together and ready for hand work and the playsuit and the bodice at least started this weekend. I might concentrate on the playsuit first, because I don't see it taking a lot of time.

Here's hoping I get Fern back from the doctor soon...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sewing Machine News

No, I don't have Fern back. However, I do have another machine at my parents' house and my father is going to set it up so I can sew while I'm home for Easter.

So I'll be taking my playsuit, the blanket, maybe some sarong fabric and the petticoat. The petticoat and the playsuit are probably the most important. Although I might just sew the blanket because it'll be quick and then I'll be finishing it by hand. So petticoat, playsuit and blanket. I'll probably also take the basque, just in case.

Speaking of the petticoat, the hem is about 1/3 of the way done. Hopefully I can finish it by this weekend, and then spend the weekend doing the black ruffle.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April To Do List -- My Deadlines are Approaching!

April To Do List:
  • Gyspy steampunk by April 27th for Steampunk Empire Symposium
  • Paris steampunk by April 27th for Steampunk Empire Symposium
  • Playsuit / skirt combo by May 3rd for Florida trip

Current progress:

Roma Steampunk (the Captain berated me yesterday for using the term 'gypsy')

  • The crazy quilt skirt is DONE. I finished the hem and tacked down the closure opening at Build Day yesterday and sewed a closure on after I got home.
  • The petticoat is approaching being finished: The hem and lace are pinned and ready to be sewn. By hand since my sewing machine is in the shop.
  • And the headscarf is done, unless I decide to tack some trim on.

Paris Steampunk

  • The bodice is mainly cut out and the interlining and outer layer have been basted together. I still need to finish cutting out the lining.
  • The overskirt is done, as you all know.
  • Unless I get my sewing machine back soon or borrow one from a friend, this is likely to not be finished for the Symposium.


  • The fabric and the lining are both cut out. But I can't start putting it together without a sewing machine.

Fern picked a fine time to need a trip to the doctor didn't she?

What needs done:

  • Hem the petticoat.
  • Add the black ruffle to the petticoat.
  • Cover pocket w something for the Roma steampunk.
  • Gather jewelry for the Roma steampunk.
  • Pin together the basque and the playsuit.

I also need to...

  • Make a sarong to take to Florida with me
  • And make a blanket before I go to a concert on the 25th

March 2012 Finished Projects

Only two things were actually finished in March, even though I worked on a bunch of projects:
  1. Finally finished the gypsy steampunk corset with two D rings.
  2. 1886 Asymmetrical Overkirt for my Paris 1880s steampunk.