Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photos from the Archon Picnic

A shot of my Persian Steampunk outfit. I wore it with a long sleeved blouse instead of the usual bodice because it was a little chilly. I also wore my Persian pants.

Photo by Cassadi Thomas.

Steampunks on the swing set! The Persian pants were perfect for swinging, by the way.

Photo by Donnette Carney.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Quilting

Post Dragon-Con and in the midst of moving plans and with my beau constantly mentioning it, I have decided that the first order of business should be finishing his quilt.

If you follow faithfully, you will realize that I have been working on this quilt for a long time. The first post concerning it was made last December. Hmmm, I think less than a year turn around for quilt is more than sufficient, don't you?

The quilt top has been put together. The batting and backing were pinned together with the top. I started the quilting a while ago, I'm going with tie-quilting based on the size of the quilt. After this weekend, I am happy to say that the quilt is more than halfway quilted. A large rectangular portion is finished, there are a little over two rows to finish from that portion to the right edge of the quilt and then a lower portion across the entirety of the quilt that is four rows deep left to quilt.

After the quilting comes the binding. At least a portion of that will be done on the machine, if not all of it. I haven't decided on color yet, or if I'm going to use pre-made binding or make my own. I lean towards the latter (less expensive) but pre-made would look neater. Although I do have a friend that has a binding machine...Perhaps I should send her a letter...

I plan to start organizing and packing my sewing room this evening. I may also pull out a UFO or two to work on, we'll see.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall / Winter Sewing Plans

Now that Dragon*Con has come and gone, it is time to start planning my fall and winter sewing.

First of all, I recently received the news that I will be leaving the Companion's Shuttle and moving to other quarters aboard the airship (perhaps into my beau's?). Obviously, I will not be starting or working on any projects until this move is completed.

There are four things I'd like to focus on over the next several months: 'normal' sewing for my wardrobe; working on an 18th century costume; working on a Mara Jade costume; and finally sewing for Miss Von Stoup.

(1) Wardrobe sewing: I'd like some new, professional but fun, clothes for work. I definitely want to make Simplicity 3673, which is already in my pattern stash. I'm thinking a cute plaid that would coordinate with a few of my blouses. I'm also tempted to use the same pattern to do a high waisted skirt with suspenders, a skirt that could be worn to work or as part of a steampunk costume. There's a cute little retro dress pattern (New Look 6000) that I really love and would like to make, maybe out of a nice suiting. And I have a skirt I start several months ago that I'd like to finish. Also, I'm sure I have several UFOs (unfinished objects) that I could finish as well. I may actually work on some of the UFOs over the next few weeks before I move. EDIT I remembered that I have some wide wale corduroy in a teal blue color. I'm thinking it would work for the jumper or for the high waisted skirt.

(2) 18th century costume: I am dying to make and wear a robe a l'anglaise. Of course, the first thing I need to do is make a pair of stays. Thankfully, Butterick has a pattern that is rumored to be fairly accurate so I can at least get one inexpensive pattern. I know I can make a petticoat without a pattern, and probably the chemise as well. Once the underwear is done, I'll move on to making the actual robe a l'anglaise. No idea what I'm going to use to make any of this, by the way.

(3) Sewing for Miss Von Stoup: I still have several lengths of fabric to use to make her some new costumes. Black and silver damask for a polonaise (probably), some more of the Asian print and of the cream,...that may be it.

(4) Mara Jade: I really need to buckle down and just make this costume, I just dread sewing with stretch material as well as doing the quilting and piping.

PS This may sound strange but I really want to make a Christmas steampunk outfit. Elf-punk? I have an old Christmas table cloth that I'm dying to make into a bustle. Its all white and red and green and has this awesome fringe on it. And I already have a red corset I could wear with it...

Musings on my First Dragon*Con

The convention was a lot of ups and downs for me. And I still haven't decided if I had a good time or not.

Ups: A random girl in the bathroom getting my Watermelon Girl costume aka the mystery costume. Meeting my friend Jillian in person. Officially meeting Jeni Hellum (of Multiculturalism in Steampunk aka The Steamer's Trunk an awesome blog) and having her squee over my costume and my turban (made using her tutorial). Meeting John Strangeway aka Steampunk Boba Fett and getting a picture with him in his helmet. I got my 501st nickname and met the people that run Megacon. The costumes. Seeing friends like Leanna and Emilie. Finally seeing Abney Park. And my beau buying me some Harley Quinn pretties for my collection.

Downs: Waiting over two hours in the registration line. No Miss Dashwood. Having an allergic reaction to the Harley Quinn face paint. The crowds. Not seeing all of the Abney Park concert. The drive there and back. The breakdowns of several people and the fighting. And not doing everything I wanted to do, of course. Not seeing John in his Boba Fett costume and Jeni not seeing me in my Persian costume. A button on my Persian vest broke.

I met up with the Archon, but didn't get to see Frenchy and the Punk.

Skipped the Pern 101 panel but went to the Steampunk Persona and Airship Crew Spectacular. Also went to the Boondock Saints panel with Taylor, a member of the Archon. Went to wrestling with the Captain (we're both fans) then joined Miss Van Eycke and Taylor for a panel on Elegant Gothic Lolita.

Marched in the Parade as the Time Traveler with several Archon members. Went to the Kiltmaking panel. I went to a party with the beau wearing a little bit of nothing and the sash that matched the kilt he wore. I tried to go to Abney Park but there was a huge line so I went back to the party and managed to catch a few songs later. I didn't go to any of the other panels I was interested in.

I went to a couple panels in the morning, including one on steampunk costuming that the Captain was giving. And I walked through the Steampunk Exhibition. I missed Carrie Fisher because I was with my beau, shopping. I also skipped the Steampunk World Record Attempt and I'm glad I did because they turned away anyone without 'gadgets'. Ridiculous.

I did make it to Things That Go Bump in the Timeline: Supernatural Alternative History and got to spend some time with Leanna afterwards. But I missed the pattern making panel because we were leaving.