Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sadly, no. Last night, I was rather tired and decided to forgo sewing for one evening. I did however try on my cage bustle and I do believe it is going to work.

It is a rather large bustle however...

All that needs to be done is the hem and I can mark that off my to do list.

I have several things in my project bag for the next couple of days (I'm taking tomorrow off work to accompany my beau to the doctor) - my Ottoman Vest, the Joker trousers - which still need hemmed, a bag of pink fabric in case I feel an urge to work on my crazy quilt bustle idea, and a dress pattern in case I end up at the fabric store. I am in need of a new summer dress. I'm thinking cupcake printed fabric, or maybe skulls but I already have a skull sundress...Basically just something cute and a little funky to make a little sundress.

That's all for now, my darling readers.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marcon Prep: The Ottoman Vest and Cage Bustle

Ottoman Vest:

So far I've completely used up one skein of metallic thread - there are two rows of couched thread around the entire outside of the vest, and around the armholes and there is one row of couched thread about two inches above the first two rows around the outside but not the armholes.

Tired of couching thread, I pulled out the pink embroidery floss this evening and started a simple outline stitch inbetween the two rows of couched thread. I'm doing this to bring some pink into the vest to match the scarves better.

I'm thinking I'll add a nice gear design on the front in a couple places, but that won't come until after the border is complete. The large design on the back will likely also involve gears.

However, I have little to no idea what to do to fill in the border space. Maybe some spirals. Maybe a nice paisley design. I really don't know.

Cage Bustle:

I also worked on my cage bustle. I shortened most of the bones and basically pleated the casing down to be the right size. And I sewed the ties on underneath. I just need to try it on, and then put the skirts on over it to make sure the length is good before hemming it. I was thinking about ruffles, but now I'm leaning away from that.

I may have other plans for that left over muslin...

In other news...

I made myself a bandanna out of a remnant of UC Bearcats fabric that I picked up last week. It was a pretty quick project. All I did was use another bandanna to measure how big it needed to be and then did a narrow hem on three sides, the fourth was the selvage edge.

I've also had this costume idea running around in my head for a week or so. It's based on a Persian jacket I saw in a Racinet illustration. I was contemplating franken-patterning it out of a jacket pattern, but when I checked the Simplicity site today, low and behold, they have a pattern that is pretty much just what I had in mind. Of course, mine will be different as I don't have enough fabric for the entire jacket. It'll probably be sleeveless and shorter to accommodate how much fabric I have. Or I may end up buying more fabric, who knows. But this is probably where the muslin will go, cuz it would make nice lining for the vest I think. However, this outfit will likely not happen until DragonCon since I still have my vivandiere outfit to make for Marcon.

And now, this steam-stress is off to bed. Bonne nuit, mes amis, et dormi bien.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How I spent my evening....

Watching basketball and sewing. I tacked the facing down on the Think Pink skirt at the zipper, the darts and the side seam. Hopefully it'll stay in place better now. And I sewed the patch pockets into the inside of the Joker coat, so that's well on its way. I had originally hoped to work on my Ottoman vest as well, but I'm please with what I did get done.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Cage Bustle Petticoat (Marcon Prep) and a few other things

As mentioned yesterday, I cleaned my sewing area last night. The table is now mostly clear except for a few current projects, my actual sewing machine table is clear of all the little stuff that was cluttering it up, pattern pieces are back in their envelopes and patterns are back in their boxes, left over fabric is all put away into plastic bins and things I think I may need soon are easily accessible.

With that done, I sat down and took in my Think Pink skirt and my purple knit tunic, both of which were a little big. The skirt needs a bit of hand sewing, just to tack down the facing and I think the tunic needs taken in more after I tried it on this morning.

I then packed a bag for my slumber party at Miss Bobbie's this evening. I have my Ottoman vest, my beau's Joker coat and my Think Pink skirt all ready for me to work on this evening. I thought about taking muslin to make strips for ruffles on my new bustle petticoat, but decided I had enough to work on.

With all this finished, and not in the mood for hand sewing, I started on my cage bustle petticoat. I was going for something similar to these bustles from Fashions of the Ages -

Or to Truly Victorian 101 -

But my petticoat needed to be shorter to be worn with Diamonds are Forever (aka steampunk Harley Quinn). I really thought about buying the TV pattern (I've been dying to try some of their patterns), but the cost was just a little too dear for me to pay with how tight my finances have been. So I decided to try my hand at making one on my own, using tried and true patterns and a tutorial or two.

I pulled out my trusty Simplicity 5457 (out of print, but its my go to pattern for most of my steampunk sewing), got the underskirt pieces and proceeded to cut them out of the white muslin I bought recently. The pattern needed to be shortened to be about 27" long (the length of the Harley Quinn underskirt and petticoat) so I did that by measuring and then folding the pattern. I cut out the five gores - three narrow gores for the front, two wider gores for the back, then pinned and sewed them together. I decided to leave one side seam unsewn so I could put in the boning channels easier.

I started laying out the boning channels. I used quilt binding for the channels.

Then decided to check my tutorial (found on My Silly Blue Hippo on blogspot). I needed three channels, not two, and the top one needed to be higher. I sewed part of the back opening together so I could put in another channel about two inches above the top one in the above picture, and moved that channel about two inches lower. And all the channels had to be moved to the other side of the petticoat, as they're supposed to go on the outside not the inside.

With the channels all pinned on, I stitched them down, then stitched the inside channels - a short channel in the middle of the top boning channel and two pocket-ish channels on the sides. The inside bone fits into the pockets and passes through the middle bit in a curve. Then I put the boning in -

I realized that it wasn't laying exactly right, and that the bones needed to be shortened. So I took them out and proceeded to put the waistband on. Then I redid the bones, shortening all of them. I measured the top channel to see how short I thought the top bone needed to be when you allow for the channel to gather over it and decided on 24". I cut that bone, and the other two are longer (for now). I'm sure I'll change the boning length when I can work on it again.

Here's a picture showing the gathering at the top -

And a side shot showing how well it collapses -

And here it is with me holding it up by the waistband -

It still needs some work. I plan to stitch along the top boning channel to keep the gathers in place. And the second channel may need gathered as well, we'll see. Then I'll need to sew the boning channels closed and put in the ties, which go underneath to really give it the right shape. And of course, there's the hem. I'd like to add a ruffled overlay as seen in the first pictures posted above.

I definitely need to try it on before I really do much else though. Probably should've done that last night. All in all, I'm pleased with my progress and that I managed to make a cage bustle petticoat without using a pattern.

In retrospect, I would leave both side seams unsewn then put in the boning channels. I would also change how the waistband closes, probably to a front or side closure, and alter the shape of the back, particularly at the top, so it wouldn't have to gather. If I make another one, I'll definitely change a few things.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

In Me Made March news...

I'm wearing a brown / black / gold plaid skirt today. I paired it with black flats, pink tights, a black tank top and a pink cardigan.

I made the skirt several years ago. If I remember correctly, I took a Vogue 50s-esque dress pattern and used only the skirt pieces from the dress and made my own waistband pattern. It's one of my favorite skirts and I wear it a lot during the colder months. Soon it'll be too warm for a brown and black plaid skirt to be appropriate.

I think I'm going to clean my sewing area this evening after work. It's gotten rather out of hand and that is putting it mildly. Since my projects (aka the Joker) are coming along so nicely, I feel like I have the time to spare to clean up my sewing area. Plus, a clean sewing area means I'll be able to work more efficiently.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Joker 9 (Marcon prep)

First of all, the vest is DONE. Tonight I finished stitching the lining to the outer fabric along the armholes, then marked and sewed on the buttons. So its done (unless we decide to do the back tab...)

I also put a hook closure on the trousers. All that's left is hemming them, and I need my beau to try them on first. I was just going to do it, but I pinned them and laid them out and the hems didn't look even so I decided it was best to wait for him. That way, I'll know the trousers are the right length instead of just guessing.

So all I need to do is....
- Hem trousers.
- Put buttonholes in the jacket.
- Make and sew on buttons to the jacket.
- Sew on patch pockets to the inside of the jacket.

It's definitely getting there!

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Joker 8 (Marcon prep)

I made a little progress on the Joker vest this evening.
  • I treated the buttonholes with Fray Check and let them dry before cutting them open.
  • I pinned the lining and outer fabric at the armholes and started stitching them together, using contrast orange thread of course.
  • I stitched around the pocket openings with the orange thread, partly as decoration, partly to hold the pocket together properly.
  • And my beau and I discussed and shopped for buttons and have tentatively decided to make our own - flat metal buttons (which I think I have) used as a base for fake jewels to be glued on to for the jacket.
Current to do list for the Joker:
  • Vest - finish sewing armholes
  • Vest - sew buttons on
  • Vest - maybe the back tab
  • Jacket - sew on inside patch pockets
  • Jacket - buttonholes (I need to find some fabric to use for the welts on the bound buttonholes, I'm thinking green or orange or purple satin, or I could use the coat lining or the vest lining...decisions, decisions, I'll have to talk to the beau)
  • Jacket - make buttons and sew them on
  • Trousers - waistband hooks and eyes
  • Trousers - hem
A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

PS - In Me Made March news, I'm currently wearing my clockwork pajama pants.

In Me Made March news...

I'm wearing my City Bluescape skirt today. I discovered that I had a blue cardigan that matches relatively well, so I paired the skirt with it over a black tshirt. I'm also wearing white tights and black flats.

I actually rather feel like Alice in Wonderland with the blue and white skirt worn with white tights and black flats...

In other news, I have another commission! A friend needs a corset by MARCon and since Kevin postponed his ROTJ Han Solo vest, I decided to take it on. And I have sewing related plans this week -- First up is fabric shopping with Miss Dashwood this evening for lace for her bustle. And tomorrow I have tentative plans with a friend to help her on some sewing projects. She's a relatively new sewer, and I just can't help myself, I want to guide her along.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Joker 7 (Marcon Prep)

I got a lot done this weekend on the Joker costume for my beau.

Yesterday I put the waistband on the trousers. So all that needs done is hemming and two hook and eye closures on the waistband.

Today I did most of the work on the vest. We went to the fabric store and picked up some lining (blue poly / cotton). After we got back I set to work - cut the vest front and pockets out of the blue-violet and green checkered cotton, did the darts and put in the pockets, cut the vest back and the lining out of the blue poly / cotton, put together the lining and had him try it on (perfect fit!), sewed the vest front to the vest back, then sewed the lining to the outside leaving the arm holes and a spot along the back open to turn, turned it, finished the turning opening by hand, fixed another little issue by hand, then put in six button holes using orange thread for contrast.

All that's left is - fray checking and cutting open the buttonholes, sewing on the buttons, a little decorative hand stitching in orange thread around the pockets and sewing the lining into place around the armholes.

And the jacket just needs patch pockets on the inside, buttons and buttonholes.

It may be faint, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And I also worked on my Ottoman vest this weekend. So all in all, a very productive weekend.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Joker 6 (Marcon Prep)

Last night I worked on the Joker trousers for a couple hours. I interfaced two of the waistband sections and got them sewn together. I also finished all the edges -- the side seams were turned under and zigzagged, the crotch seam was finished with bias. Earlier, I finished the edges of all the zipper placket edges with bias, sewn on by hand.

So all I need to do is put the waistband on, hem the legs and figure out if the waistband gets buttons or hook closures.

My sewing bag for the weekend has -
  • The Joker trousers
  • The Joker vest
  • The Ottoman vest
  • The fabric, pattern and quilt binding for my new bustle
I know I won't get everything done, but if I can at least make some headway on it.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MARCon Preparations Begin...

They've already begun but I figured I might as well start posting them under Marcon prep.

Work on my Ottoman vest continues. I now have two lines of silver thread couched around the outside with enough space inbetween for me to put a line of pink, probably in a nice chain stitch. I'm starting a third line of silver that will be a couple inches above the other two, allowing space for a nice wide border, which is all I really plan to have completed by Marcon.

The fabric for my new bustle has been washed so that'll be ready for me to work on once the Joker is finished.

Speaking of, I really should have worked on the Joker tonight, but I'm feeling a bit under the weather and sitting on the couch embroidering was much easier than working on the Joker trousers. I plan to finish the trousers tomorrow, except for the hem and maybe the waistband closures since I need my beau for the former and would like his opinion on the latter.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

MARCon to do list 1

As sad as it may be, I'm going to post my first MARCon to do list. After all, there's only about 10 weeks left until the convention.

Add lace to Miss Dashwood's black cotton bustle

Finish my beau's Joker costume - finishing touches on jacket (buttons etc), pants and vest
  1. trousers: finish the seams
  2. trousers: put on the waistband
  3. trousers: sew on a couple hook and eye closures, or buttons onto the waistband
  4. vest: buy / find lining, buttons
  5. vest: cut out the vest
  6. vest: put it together and do all the button holes and buttons
  7. jacket: buttons and buttonholes
Alterations for the Captain

New bustle for Harley Quinn - I have the muslin and the boning, and I probably have bias tape in my stash I can use for the boning casings as well as something that I can use for the ties.

Embroidered border on my Lady of the Ottoman Empire vest. I also need to see if I can do something more permanent to the bustle, like snaps or hooks or ties. Last time I just safety pinned it and some of them tore through the scarves.

Steampunk Confederate Vivandiere. Sadly, this may not happen.

If possible, a ROTJ Han Solo vest for Kevin.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Me Made March entry

I haven't done any sewing today but here's a little MMM update:

First of all, like I've previously mentioned, I almost always sleep in pj pants that I've made. Recently its been the Kermit pants, the clockwork pants and the Paris pants.

Saturday I went to the club with a visiting friend and wore my hooded lace jacket with my purple corset vest, both of which I made, and my black mini skirt which I remade from a pair of cheap gaucho pants a few years ago. The lace jacket was made within the last couple years, the vest dates from the early 2000s.

Today I'm wearing a pink suede pencil skirt that I made several years ago. I paired it with black tights, black blouse and black boots. The pattern (which I have used for other items) calls for too short of a zipper in my opinion -- getting the skirt over my thighs and hips requires lots of wiggling. All other pencil skirt incarnations have used a longer zipper, usually a nine inch instead of a seven inch.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Improvements 2

I went to the fabric store and picked up (1) materials for my vest - embroidery floss, a small hoop and embroidery needles as well as (2) fabric for my new Harley Quinn bustle - 2 yards of 108" wide white muslin. It should more more than enough for the bustle petticoat. I also picked up some embroidery books from the library for my Ottoman vest project.

I also worked on the petticoat ruffle for Harley Quinn. Both sides are now hemmed. I contemplated trimming the bottom hem with lace but decided against it as no one's really going to see the petticoat anyways. Once the ruffle was hemmed, I stitched a gathering stitch along one edge (standard regular thread on the top, button thread in the bobbin) and pinned the ruffle to the petticoat, matching ruffle seams to petticoat seams.

Section by section I - pinned the bottom of the ruffle along the hem of the petticoat, gathered the top edge to fit the section, and pinned the ruffle down. Then I sewed the ruffle on, removed all the pins and clipped the gathering threads.

The ruffle looks good and I think it will definitely help my skirt hold its shape, just like I wanted.

I'm packing up things to take over to the beau's today. I think the Joker pants and vest are going to be the only project I take. And maybe an embroidery book or two for research.

And I've added a project to my to do list -- my friend and fellow Archonite has asked for my assistance on a costume for DragonCon. Which means more money for Miss Wilde's Convention Fund! I also have a couple friends interested in corsets and met a woman at the club this weekend who may be interested in some sewing as well.

EDIT - The Joker trousers have been tried on, and need taken in just a pinch. And I worked on my vest a little bit - started couching down silver embroidery floss along the edges. I'm planning two rows of couching and then a pattern of some sort followed by two more rows of couching to form a nice elaborate border.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Joker 5 and Harley Quinn Improvements 1

I got the pants put together - sewed the side seam, the inseam and the crotch seam. They look rather large, so like I mentioned before, a fitting will be necessary. Here's a shot of the pants currently, I think they look rather well, don't you?

With the Joker trousers to a point where I need my beau before I can move on, I looked at my trusty to do list and decided to work on my HQ petticoat. I had the fabric for the ruffles already as it was left over from the petticoat so I snipped and tore five twelve inch wide strips (one for each gore, they won't be gathered as much in the back because the two back gores are wider than the front three), sewed them together on the ends and I pinned the bottom and top hems. Next up will be sewing the hems, then the amazing fun known as gathering!

And here's a picture of the pile of ruffles on my sewing table:

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

The Joker 4 now with photos! and Me Made March

First off, some photos of my ever so lovely zipper on the Joker trousers.

1. The zipper unzipped, and yes those are hand stitches you see:
2. The zipper zipped:

3. The zipper zipped with the placket laying flat:

4. And the back of the zipper showing the placket:

I told you it looked rather lovely. I need to finish the edges of the zipper plackets so they don't unravel.

And I don't know if this really counts as MMM, but I'm counting it. Today I'm wearing a pull over that my grandmother made for my mother when my grandma was in the hospital. Its a cream polyester (I assume) and its hand embroidered on the neck and sleeves. It did have a hood, that was removed a while back. I'm tempted to find it and put it back on. The hood is embroidered as well.

Me wearing the pullover:

And a close up of the sleeve embroidery:

That's it for now! A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Joker 3

It took two nights after working both jobs but I got the zipper put in. I took out the old stitching then followed a tutorial on converting a button fly to a zipper. I had to re do the crotch seam because it wasn't laying properly. I hope the seam holds, I had to make the seam allowance rather tiny at one spot to make the fly lay correctly.

The tutorial was on Cyber Seams - http://cyberseams.com/article/105117/clothes/pants_and_trousers_attaching_a_zipper_tutorial_part_1.html

The zipper looks rather well, I used a white nine inch zipper. I had a purple zipper, but it was only seven inches and I was worried that would be too short. I went ahead and pinned the next step -- sewing the back and front legs together at the side seams, but stopped short of sewing them considering how late it is. I'll need to finish the seams, as the fabric looks to be raveling, and my beau will definitely need to try on the trousers, as they look a little large. But I think that the most difficult part is already finished with the zipper being done.

I'm off to bed, my darling readers.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Updated Completed 2011 Projects and To Do List UPDATED 3/13

  1. Kermit the Frog pajama pants - stash fabric, thread and pattern
  2. Imperial Officer uniform - purchased fabric and one pattern, stash thread and one pattern
  3. Catwoman for Miss Dashwood
  4. Harem pants for Lady of the Ottoman Empire (steampunk middle eastern ensemble) - stash fabric, pattern and thread
  5. Pin Up Skirt - completed unfinished project
  6. Joker jacket - purchased pattern, stash fabric and thread
  7. Star Wars quilt top for my beau - stash fabric and thread
  1. Purple Knit Tunic - purchased fabric and pattern, stash thread
  2. Think Pink Skirt - stash fabric and pattern, purchased thread and zipper
  3. Valentine's Nightie - stash fabric, pattern, thread and ribbon
  4. City Bluescape Skirt - stash fabric, elastic and thread, purchased fabric for border
  5. Imperial Officer pants - purchased fabric, stash pattern, thread and zipper
  1. Bob's corset
  2. Ruffle added to HQ petticoat.
To Do List
  1. Adding lace to Miss Dashwood's black cotton bustle
  2. Finish my beau's Joker costume before MARCon - finishing touches on jacket (buttons etc), pants and vest
  3. Alterations for the Captain and Bobbie - March/April
  4. New bustle for Harley Quinn. Going to attack this one without a pattern. Before MARCon
  5. Steampunk Confederate Vivandiere for MARCon. - probably April / May
  6. A ROTJ Han Solo vest for Kevin. Hopefully by MARCon - April / May
  7. Start embroidering my Lady of the Ottoman Empire vest. I'd like to have at least the border done for MARCon and the rest finished by DragonCon.
  8. I'd like to finally get ANH Princess Leia finished - whenever
  9. Simi costume for DragonCon - sometime in the summer
  10. Bodysuit for David for DragonCon.
  11. Pink and white steampunk outfit I meant to do in 2010
  12. Finish Black corduroy skirt
  13. Maybe a commission for one of my beau's friends for a Bill the Butcher costume
  14. Steampunk Rogue costume.
  15. I would love to finish my embroidery quilt before the year is over.
  16. Finish my beau's quilt. It'll probably end up tie quilted.
A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

Monday, March 7, 2011

Corset Commission 6 and the Joker 2

Corset Commission - Tonight we had a fitting and decided that more boning was not necessary. So I finished the top edge of the corset, put in the eyelets and laced it.

The front of the corset:
The back of the corset:
I think it turned out rather well, don't you? And I believe I could use the pattern to make an underbust for Miss Dashwood with a few alterations. So that's a nice bonus.

As for the Joker, I finished underlining the fabric last night and started putting the trousers together. Of course, I looked up how to convert the button fly to a zipper fly after I had already started sewing as if I was doing a button fly, so there will be some ripping of stitches tomorrow. However, I think the conversion will be relatively easy. I hope. And the pants seem relatively easy to construct so hopefully I'll have them done soon and then its on to the vest.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Corset Commission 5 and Notes on Other Projects

Corset Commission:

Yesterday, I sewed the boning casings and inserted the boning into Bob's corset. He's going to try it on tonight to see if we need more boning or if what I've done so far is acceptable. I also finished the bottom edge. If it doesn't need any more boning, all that's left is finishing the top edge and putting in eyelets. Almost done!

Imperial Officer uniform:

On Saturday, I added a hook and eye to my officer's uniform collar. And got some advice from another officer on how to make the collar fit better, so I'll have to do that before I wear it again.

To Do List:
  • Finish Bob's corset - fitting, finishing top edge, eyelets
  • I need to finish my beau's Joker costume - trousers and vest. I'm almost done underlining the trouser fabric so all I need to do is construct them and then the vest. I need to sit down with him and go over some things.
  • Lace trim on Miss Dashwood's bustle (once she buys the lace)
  • Buttonholes on a skirt for Miss Dashwood
  • Alterations for the Captain and Bobbie
  • New bustle and petticoat ruffle for Harley Quinn.
  • Embroider Lady of the Ottoman Empire vest.
  • Steampunk Confederate costume.
On the MMM front, I'm not doing a very good job. Pretty much all I wore over the last few days was my Imperial uniform and pajama pants that I made. Today I'm not wearing anything either. I think its just because I don't really have too much available that's office appropriate that I've made. At least not in March since a lot of my summer wardrobe I've made.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Corset Commission 4 and other assorted topics

First of all, Bob's corset

Last night after packing a bag to visit my beau's abode, I worked on Bob's corset. I cut out the muslin for the lining, stitched it together, and then stitched it to the corset along the bottom and the center back. Thinking of ensuring strength in the boning casings, I made sure that both seam allowances were facing the same way. Today I realized that I should have followed my usual one seam allowance to the right, one seam allowance to the left. That way, I would have extra strength if I need to bone both sides of each seam. I may go in and clip the muslin along the sewn edge so it can go the other direction.

So the current To do list for Bob's Corset
1. Sew lining to outside along seams, center front and center back, creating boning channels.
2. Insert boning.
3. Sew lining to the outside along the top.
4. Put in the eyelets.
5. Lace!

I'm getting there! I expect this will be done early to mid next week.

Secondly, I had an idea for Lady of the Ottoman Empire. I'm going to embroider my vest. I've found several photos of 19th century Ottoman vests that are completely covered in embroidery. I don't know if I'll have the time or patience for that, but I should be able to manage a nice wide border and perhaps a center back motif. From my research, its going to be a lot of couching down metallic thread (which I've done before, but never in this quantity), probably in silver. I'd like to add some pink and brown to match the rest of the outfit and maybe some beadwork. I'm planning to draw the design out on paper, pin the paper to the vest, stitch through it then tear it off. I found a nice paisley design that I might use for the border...

Civil War costumes

Miss Von Stoup and I have been discussing our Civil War costumes. We have decided to go for the CSA Navy. Our uniforms will consist of a gray jacket and skirt, with black leggings and boots. Decorations have yet to be decided. And we shall wear kepis, I think.

Crazy quilt bustle

I had yet another costume idea -- using scraps to make a crazy quilt bustle. I'm thinking it could be worn with my black underskirt, but I'm unsure yet. We'll have to see if it even happens.

Finally, it is Me Made March

In MMM, you're supposed to wear items that you've made everyday. I think the rule might be two items, but I can't find the original post so... On the first, I forgot about it and just wore pants and a shirt to work. Yesterday, I remembered and wore a brown black and gold plaid 50's style skirt with a black sweater, black belt, blue tank top and tights and black boots. Today I'm in pants and a shirt again. On days when I work both jobs its a bit hard to wear things I've made -- my part time job has a strict dress code and since most of what I make are colorful skirts and dresses...it doesn't really work. However, I tend to sleep in pajama pants that I've made so that's something at least, right?

Updated to do list
  • Finish Bob's corset
  • Lace trim on Miss Dashwood's bustle (once she buys the lace)
  • Alterations for people once I talk to them
  • I need to finish my beau's Joker costume
  • New bustle and petticoat ruffle for Harley Quinn.
  • Steampunk Confederate costume.
  • Embroider Lady of the Ottoman Empire vest.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Corset Commission 3 + a Bustle Decision

First off, Bob's fitting last evening went well. The corset fits fine. He expressed concerns about the strength of the fabric so we decided to line it with left over muslin to give it some more structure. I was thinking of cutting the muslin tonight, but was much too tired for it when I finally arrived back at the Shuttle around 10 pm.

To do list for Bob's Corset
1. Cut out the muslin lining.
2. Put the lining together.
3. Stitch the lining to the outside along the bottom.
4. Sew lining to outside along seams, center front and center back, creating boning channels.
5. Insert boning.
6. Sew lining to the outside along the top.
7. Put in the eyelets.
8. Lace!

Secondly, I have finally decided what I am going to do for my new Harley Quinn bustle. I was contemplating purchasing a pattern, but I really feel that I can tackle this one myself. As of now, my plan is to use my standard Victorian underskirt / petticoat pattern (a discontinued Simplicity pattern). I'll shorten it like I did for the HQ petticoat and underskirt and add boning at the back. There are Youtube videos showing how to use the pattern I was planning on purchasing, so I can use that as a reference when making the boning channels and when putting the boning in. I'm thinking of using cable ties for the boning. And I'll probably put a few more bones in than the pattern calls for, so there's more support. I'll have to change it from a back closure to a side closure but I think that will be relatively easy. I plan to purchase white muslin for it, figure that's the cheapest route to go. Might even get the extra wide stuff. And I'm also thinking of putting ruffles on the back, over the bones. But that's a maybe.

So that's gonna be a little bit of a project. I'll probably put the ruffle on the petticoat first, much easier to handle.

Tomorrow I plan to add a hook and eye to my uniform then tackle the fun and exciting world of corsetry!

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde