Monday, March 21, 2011

The Joker 8 (Marcon prep)

I made a little progress on the Joker vest this evening.
  • I treated the buttonholes with Fray Check and let them dry before cutting them open.
  • I pinned the lining and outer fabric at the armholes and started stitching them together, using contrast orange thread of course.
  • I stitched around the pocket openings with the orange thread, partly as decoration, partly to hold the pocket together properly.
  • And my beau and I discussed and shopped for buttons and have tentatively decided to make our own - flat metal buttons (which I think I have) used as a base for fake jewels to be glued on to for the jacket.
Current to do list for the Joker:
  • Vest - finish sewing armholes
  • Vest - sew buttons on
  • Vest - maybe the back tab
  • Jacket - sew on inside patch pockets
  • Jacket - buttonholes (I need to find some fabric to use for the welts on the bound buttonholes, I'm thinking green or orange or purple satin, or I could use the coat lining or the vest lining...decisions, decisions, I'll have to talk to the beau)
  • Jacket - make buttons and sew them on
  • Trousers - waistband hooks and eyes
  • Trousers - hem
A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

PS - In Me Made March news, I'm currently wearing my clockwork pajama pants.

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