Sunday, March 13, 2011

Improvements 2

I went to the fabric store and picked up (1) materials for my vest - embroidery floss, a small hoop and embroidery needles as well as (2) fabric for my new Harley Quinn bustle - 2 yards of 108" wide white muslin. It should more more than enough for the bustle petticoat. I also picked up some embroidery books from the library for my Ottoman vest project.

I also worked on the petticoat ruffle for Harley Quinn. Both sides are now hemmed. I contemplated trimming the bottom hem with lace but decided against it as no one's really going to see the petticoat anyways. Once the ruffle was hemmed, I stitched a gathering stitch along one edge (standard regular thread on the top, button thread in the bobbin) and pinned the ruffle to the petticoat, matching ruffle seams to petticoat seams.

Section by section I - pinned the bottom of the ruffle along the hem of the petticoat, gathered the top edge to fit the section, and pinned the ruffle down. Then I sewed the ruffle on, removed all the pins and clipped the gathering threads.

The ruffle looks good and I think it will definitely help my skirt hold its shape, just like I wanted.

I'm packing up things to take over to the beau's today. I think the Joker pants and vest are going to be the only project I take. And maybe an embroidery book or two for research.

And I've added a project to my to do list -- my friend and fellow Archonite has asked for my assistance on a costume for DragonCon. Which means more money for Miss Wilde's Convention Fund! I also have a couple friends interested in corsets and met a woman at the club this weekend who may be interested in some sewing as well.

EDIT - The Joker trousers have been tried on, and need taken in just a pinch. And I worked on my vest a little bit - started couching down silver embroidery floss along the edges. I'm planning two rows of couching and then a pattern of some sort followed by two more rows of couching to form a nice elaborate border.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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