Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ohayocon 2012 Recap

First up, our panels! As you know, I presented five panels over the weekend. I had three co-panelists: Donnette Carney and Terry Griner of the Archon and Aloysius Fox from the League of Cincinnati Steampunks. They were all invaluable and I love them for helping me out.

All of our panels went well. The basics panel we presented Saturday night was maxed out on attendance, there were people standing along the walls and sitting on the floors once the chairs filled up and it was a large panel room too. The steampunking a non steampunk character panel Saturday morning also had good attendance, we pretty much filled all the chairs in the same room. Our personas panel on Sunday afternoon was in a smaller room, but we filled all the seats including an additional row of chairs the staff brought in, and I think they turned away a few people. The bustle panel as well as the multicultural panel had smaller attendance but were still well received. I think the lack of people was based on the time: Making a Bustle was at 9 pm Friday and Multicultural Steampunk was Sunday morning at 10 am.

Overall, there was some good discussions, a lot of interest, and new friends! I also ran out of all the cards I had packed to hand out with mine and the Airship's info. I've even gotten an email from an attendee! And I was stopped in the hallway by someone who complimented me on the Basics panel.

All four panelists (me, Aloysius, Donnette and Terry) during our Basics panel. Photo by Greg, Donnette's beau.

Me and Aloysius at the Multicultural panel. Photo by Kathleen Smith, one of the panel's attendees.

And now for the costume recap!

Friday afternoon, I threw on my comic book Harley Quinn for a few hours. The new collar worked alright, but I think I need to make the cuffs a little larger, they were hard to fasten and wanted to come unfastened. I ended up safety pinning them closed. The costume still needs improvement (diamonds and shoes) but I think its looking better:

Me with my friend Jesse, who frequently cosplays as one version of Joker or another. Here he's in a steampunk version that I assisted with via email. Photo by Jeremy Manieri, a con-goer.

Friday evening, I wore 'Victorian underwear' for our bustle panel. I wore black stockings and granny boots with my bloomers, cage bustle petticoat, a black lace blouse and my black underbust corset.

A shot of me in my 'underwear' during our Making a Bustle panel. Donnette is wearing a bustle pillow. Another photo by Greg.

Saturday morning and early afternoon, I wore my steampunk Harley Quinn. I don't have any photos, but you've already seen it so its not really that necessary. I do wish I had pictures though, so you could see how cute the little white pompom trim looks.

Saturday evening, I wore my black and silver plaid ensemble, with my new square overskirt. Thankfully, I ran into a photographer friend and purposefully had her take a few pictures for the blog.

Full length front shot. Photo by Christine Brucker.

Full length side shot, that shows how its squared off as well as the bustle poufs. Photo by Christine Brucker.

And a close up of the side shot. Photo by Christine Brucker.

All day Sunday, I was in my Ottoman steampunk aka Lady of the Ottoman Empire. I've had it for a year, but this was the first time I managed to get photos. Again, they were taken by a friend of mine.

A full length shot. Photo by Kevin Swoboda.

And a close up. Photo by Kevin Swoboda.

Overall, I had a decent weekend. My costumes were well received. I hung out with friends I don't get to see all the time, as well as friends I do see more frequently. The panels were a hit.

Next up? The Steampunk Empire Symposium. Tickets are selling out fast, so get them now! And the hotel is already sold out. Aloysius is working on securing a second hotel for attendees.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

PS As it is now Tuesday, and I only have one evening off this week, and my concert is in four days, I believe that my concert throw will have to be stricken from my to do list. :(

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gypsy Steampunk: The Plan

I'm going to wear a white embroidered peasant blouse.

As seen in previous posts, the corset is a vest-like design made from teal silk dupioni and trimmed in black and brown with buckles at the shoulders. All that needs to be done to the corset is the attaching of a couple D rings so I hang things (keys, jewelry, pockets, etc) from the corset.

This is going to have a white broadcloth base and then black ruffles at the bottom that show beneath the crazy quilt skirt. Obviously, I can't really start this until the crazy quilt skirt is done so I get the proper length. The black ruffles are going to be a little random in size and shape as they are left over pieces from other projects. I'm thinking of trimming the ruffles in lace...

As seen in previous posts, the skirt for this costume is crazy quilted. Right now, stage one of the skirt is complete: all six gores have been pieced. Next up is stage two, embroidering over all of the seams where the pieces were put together. Stage three will be assembly - sewing the skirts together - and finishing - adding a waistband and hemming it.

I'm going to wear a headscarf (black trimmed with black lace and purple and teal ribbons) and lots of jewelry. I'm also wearing a coin belt and may be sewing little coins and such onto my clothes, or a scarf to tie around my waist.

So my next step(s) right now, is to finish the corset, talk to my mother about the embroidery and get that started, finish the headscarf and maybe trim out my petticoat ruffles. Once the skirt is finished, I can make the petticoat.

February 2012 To Do List

Since I probably won't do much more sewing before the beginning of February, here's what I'm shooting to get accomplished next month:
  • Concert tshirts throw: Started, still needs a lot of work. - Deadline: February 4
  • Sew D rings onto the gypsy corset. I'd like this done ASAP but as long as its finished before the Symposium in April, I'll be happy. Deadline: ASAP
  • Make Beau a bag for his closet to keep his unmentionables in. - Deadline: ASAP/Whenever it gets done.
  • Make Beau Star Wars pajama pants if he wants them. - Deadline: ASAP/Whenever it gets done.
  • Put the decorative pocket on my plaid square overskirt (if I decide I even want it there). - - Deadline: ASAP/before the next convention
  • Beau needs a new fleece coat for his Snowtrooper. - - Deadline: ASAP/Whenever it gets done.
  • At least start Stage Two (the embroidery) of the crazy quilt skirt. I need to discuss this with my mother and decide who is doing how much, etc. - Deadline (for the entire project): Steampunk Empire Symposium.
  • I'd also like to start on my Paris ensemble, which I think is going to be named after the 1889 Universal Exposition. - Deadline (for the entire project): Steampunk Empire Symposium.

I think that's it! Not much at all, huh? lol

Finished January 2012 Projects

  1. Miss Fletcher's Bodice. All materials provided by Miss Fletcher. (Finished 1/16/2012)
  2. Steampunk Gypsy Corset: stash fabric, trim, thread, eyelets, D rings, and zipper; purchased eyelets, trim and buckles (Finished 1/17/2012 except for the D rings)
  3. Stage One of Steampunk Gypsy Crazy Quilt Skirt aka Piecing (Finished 1/5/2012)
  4. Black and Silver Plaid 1875 Square Overskirt and matching hat: Pattern (Truly Victorian 304) purchased by Beau as a gift for me. Plaid fabric, black broadcloth, silver lace trim, hook and eye closure and thread (black and metallic silver) from stash. Purchased black ribbon, hat (on clearance), silver crepe backed satin and petticoat net. (Finished 1/14/2012 except for decorative pocket)
  5. Harley Quinn collar and cuffs (Finished 1/21/2012)
  6. Star Wars pillowcases: no pattern, stash thread, purchased fabric (Finished 1/21/2012)
  7. Star Wars nightgown: stash thread and snaps, purchased fabric and pattern (Finished 1/21/2012)
  8. Spiderman pajama pants: stash and purchased fabric, stash thread and pattern (Finished 1/21/2012)

Out of eight projects, five were started and finished in January (the bodice, the pillowcases, the pajamas and nightgown and the overskirt) while the other three (corset, skirt and collar and cuffs) were started earlier and finished in January.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ohayocon 2012 Schedule

Friday at 9 pm: Making a Bustle
'Victorian underwear' (bloomers under my cage bustle with a blouse and corset)

Saturday at 11 am: Steampunking the World Around Us
Diamonds are Forever (steampunk Harley Quinn)

Saturday at 2 pm: DC and Marvel comic book photoshoot
Comic book Harley Quinn

Saturday at 5 pm: Steampunk The Basics
Black and Silver plaid with my new overskirt

Sunday at 10 am: Multicultural Steampunk
Lady of the Ottoman Empire

Sunday at 3 pm: Steampunk Personas
Still Lady of the Ottoman Empire

There's also several panels I'm going to try to attend, including some on steampunk and Doctor Who.

Progress on January 2012 Sewing To Do List 4

Our impromptu build day at the house was quite successful this weekend.
  1. Harley Quinn cuffs - are DONE. I stitched on the velcro and elastic so there's no chance of losing them
  2. Star Wars pillowcases for Beau - are DONE and on the bed. They were a quick project, even with finishing the edges with a zigzag.
  3. Spiderman pajama pants for myself - are DONE and waiting to be laundered so I can pack them for Ohayocon. Again, a quick project, but pajama pants usually are.
  4. Star Wars nightgown for myself - is DONE. I finished cutting out the pattern, then put it together, which was a fairly quick project. I used black quilt binding, cut in half lengthwise, for the neck binding; added a band of black flannel to the sleeves because they were too short; and used snaps instead of buttons because I didn't feel like messing with buttonholes and buttons.
  5. I also helped a friend with her Catwoman costume, and moved the ears to a better placement.

So the Current State of the January To Do List is:

  • Finish the steampunk gypsy corset: This is pretty much done except for the D rings I want to add. - Deadline: ASAP
  • Make a bodice for Gemma Fletcher of the Archon: DONE
  • Harley Quinn collar and cuffs: DONE
  • Make Beau a bag for his closet to keep his unmentionables in: Haven't started this yet. - Whenever it gets done.
  • Make Beau and I both pajamas for Ohayocon: Spiderman pajama pants: DONE. Star Wars nightgown: DONE. Star Wars pajama pants for Beau: not done, because he doesn't seem like he wants them. Star Wars pillowcases: DONE - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Make my plaid square overskirt: This is DONE (except for the decorative pocket, but its currently wearable). And I decorated the hat. - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Concert tshirts throw: Started, still needs a lot of work. - Deadline: February 4

So all that's left is Star Wars pajama pants if Beau wants them, his unmentionables bag that has no real deadline and the concert throw which I need by the 4th.

To do list for Ohayocon:

  • Laundry
  • Pack
  • Go to Sally's for a hair piece
  • Work on tshirt throw
  • Finish a friend's Catwoman (the eyes need fixed)
  • I also want to sew those D rings onto the gypsy corset so its fully finished

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Projects in the Pipeline - January 19 2012

As of right now, this is what I've got in the 'pipeline' as it were.
  1. Harley Quinn cuffs - They still need the Velcro and elastic
  2. Star Wars pillowcases for Beau - Cut out and pinned together. I'm using a green / black / white Star Wars flannel with black solid flannel for the flap.
  3. Spiderman pajama pants for myself - Cut out, including pieces of black flannel to lengthen the legs which had to be cut short due to lack of fabric.
  4. Star Wars nightgown for myself - Partially cut out of the green / black / white flannel, the fabric I brought to work with me today only had enough for the skirt front and back and the bodice front. I still have the sleeves and the bodice back left to do out of the fabric left at the house.

Star Wars flannel

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paris Themed Late 1880s Ensemble - Post the First

Still in the planning stages, so these are just kind of my plans right now.


Truly Victorian's 1886 Bordered Asymetrical Overskirt and 1872 Vest Basque Yes, I know, I'm mixing eras, an early bustle bodice probably shouldn't be worn with a late bustle overskirt. However, (1) I don't really like any of the late bustle bodices Truly Victorian has available, except for the French vest. (2) I already own these patterns, so I'm not spending money on the French vest pattern. And (3) It's steampunk, I work on a airship, I can mix eras if I want to.

Since I have no border print to use for the overskirt, I have decided to make my own.


Black and white Paris themed calico: This will be used in strips to make the 'border' of my overskirt. It will also be used for the vest and possibly the collar and cuffs of my basque.

Pink Satin: I have yards (and I do mean yards) of pink satin that was originally bought and used as curtains. My plan is to border it in the Paris print for the overskirt and use it as the main fabric in the basque. If I have enough, I may also make an underskirt, hopefully something more accurate than my current black one which will be the default until a pink one can be made.

Black heavy cotton, I think its target or trigger: This will be the interlining of the basque.

Black broadcloth: This will be the lining of the basque.


I'd like a new hat, but am unsure how to go about it. Neither hat patterns nor buckram frames are very inexpensive. I may look into purchasing a modern hat to use as a base and then decorate it. I want a Victorian-esque hat, not a tiny top hat.

I purchased a Paris pendant (on clearance) and would like to use it somewhere, either as jewelry or as a hat decoration.

Since this pendant has some blue / turquoise, I plan to wear some jewelry I purchased in Paris as a teenager -- a bead and wire necklace and bracelet in silver and turquoise and matching earrings.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Miss Fletcher's Bodice...

...is DONE!

I'm dropping it off tonight after work.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Victorian Swimsuit Musings

I will be attending the Steampunk Empire Symposium in April. It's a new convention in Cincinnati and I'm really looking forward to it. (Shameless plug: The hotel rooms are CHEAP and passes are only $35 until April 1st!) One of the scheduled events is the Victorian Men & Women’s Swim Suit Pageant. I've been wanting to make a Victorian swimsuit so this seems the perfect reason!

The next issue becomes (1) finding a pattern and (2) finding a fabric. I've done some research, and swimsuit patterns are just too expensive for me to justify purchasing. So I'm set on basically winging it from patterns I have in my stash.

This one is my favorite, I think. I have a couple waist cinchers I could wear, I'd just need to make the 'dress' and bloomers.

Or there's combinations, worn with or without a skirt.

As for patterns, if I just do a dress and bloomers, I have several options. I've used pajama pants shortened for bloomers before, and I have Simplicity 3677, which has bloomers with it. The dress could be made using almost any dress pattern, I think. Actually, the Simplicity driving coat pattern may be adaptable into a dress...

As for fabric, I'm not sure. One of the cinchers I could use is black and silver, so I should probably go black, but could maybe go with a color. I have some turquoise corduroy with a silver stripe that might make an interesting swimsuit. Or the lilac linen. The latter is a good option, if there's enough of it.

Another option: black or white combinations worn with my Keeper of the Keys skirt and a matching waist cincher.

Whatever I end up with, I'll wear tights or stockings and granny boots.

Harley Quinn: Comic Improvements

The new cuff, which currently close with snaps.

The new collar, pre-topstitching and assembly.

Gypsy Steampunk: The Corset - Photos

A few progress photos of the corset:

How the corset started out. This is the interior of the corset, to show how the back will look.

And the exterior to show how the front will look.

The corset after the trim, zipper and boning were applied. This is how the front will look, an underbust.

The back view, same stage of corset making.

The corset with the front fastened, same stage of corset-making.

A close up of one of the buckles

Front view of finished corset. Trust me, its a lot more flattering on an actual body.

Close up of the corset, to show the trim, binding and buckles.

Corset details:

Patterns used - This was definitely franken-patterned. The front, underbust portion was from my own underbust waist cincher pattern, which I think began life as a McCalls corset pattern. The high back portion was the back of a bodice pattern with a side back seam added. The sides were from another corset top pattern.

Fabrics and notions used: Remnant of teal silk dupioni, denim, lightweight cotton and black broadcloth. A black separating zipper which I shortened. Layered black pleather trim with eyelets over brown quilt binding from my stash. Bound in faux brown silk that was used in the crazy quilt skirt that will be worn with this corset. The buckles were purchased at Joanns. I used plastic cable ties for the boning. Eyelets were from the stash and purchased (I ran out) and the laces are a pair of 54" boot laces, black.

Bonus photos!

The last panel of the crazy quilt skirt.

Random piece of old jewelry found in my grandmother's jewelry. My mother and I are operating under the assumption that its a watch fob. Expect it to become a standard piece of my steampunk wardrobe.

Progress on January 2012 Sewing To Do List 3

I made a lot of progress this weekend.

Saturday, at the Build Day:

I finished my steampunk gypsy corset, except for my little D ring decoration. I found another D ring that I may add as well. I laced it using an interesting lacing technique I found via Diary of a Renaissance Seamstress.

I sewed a closure on my new plaid square overskirt and decorated a little hat to go with that outfit. Plain doll hat found on clearance + silver lace + black lace veil + black elastic cord + a plaid fabric flower = awesome new tiny hat! I didn't work on the pocket though.

The hat to wear with my new plaid overskirt.

Speaking of the plaid overskirt...

The apron spread out, pre-assembly.

A close up of the trim.

I didn't work on the Harley Quinn cuffs.

I did get Miss Fletcher's bodice cut out, all three layers (outer, interlining, lining) plus neckline alterations. I also cut out a pair of Spiderman pajama pants for myself, had to cut them a little short due to lack of fabric. I did not cut anything from the Star Wars fabric yet.

Saturday, post Build Day:

I worked on Miss Fletcher's bodice: I ironed the lining pieces, spray starched and ironed the satin outer layer. Then I put the lining together and flatlined the satin with the interlining, a heavy purple cotton (from what I can tell).

Miss Fletcher's bodice, with heavy alteration of the neckline plus a zipper instead of the laces.

Yesterday (Sunday):

I put together the outside of Miss Fletcher's bodice, set up a fitting then headed to the fabric store.

At the fabric store: A zipper for Miss Fletcher's bodice. Three yards of black Paris print calico for my pink satin costume (I decided on a Paris theme). Almost seven yards of the same Star Wars flannel I picked up from another store last week. A little over a yard of black flannel, to use with the Star Wars flannel and to lengthen my Spiderman pajama pants if necessary. And two Simplicity nightgown patterns because I've been wanting to make some old fashioned sleepwear.

Nightgown pattern 1.

Nightgown pattern 2

I'm planning a Star Wars nightgown, probably the first pattern, and hopefully before Ohayocon. I'm also planning some Victorian-esque nightgowns.

Miss Fletcher came over for a fitting. The neckline needed altered a little more and a couple seams needed taken in. After she left, I took in the seams, finished altering the neckline and stitched the lining to the outer bodice along the sides and bottom. All that's left is hand stitching the rest in place.

Current State of the January To Do List:

  • Finish the steampunk gypsy corset: This is pretty much done except for the D rings I want to add. - Deadline: ASAP
  • Make a bodice for Gemma Fletcher of the Archon: All that's left is hand sewing. - Deadline: January 20
  • Harley Quinn collar and cuffs: Collar's DONE, just need to add velcro and elastic to the cuffs - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Make Beau a bag for his closet to keep his unmentionables in: Haven't started this yet. - Whenever it gets done.
  • Make Beau and I both pajamas for Ohayocon: Spiderman pajama pants have been cut out for myself, but they may be set aside in favor of a Star Wars nightgown and pajama pants for Beau. He's also requesting pillowcases asap. - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Make my plaid square overskirt: This is DONE (except for the decorative pocket, but its currently wearable). And I decorated the hat. - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Concert tshirts throw: Started, still needs a lot of work. - Deadline: February 4
That's all for now!

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

Friday, January 13, 2012

Progress on January 2012 Sewing To Do List 2 AND Archon Build Day Plans

What I've done so far on my January to do list:
  • Steampunk gypsy corset is almost done: Binding has been made, corset has been bound, just need to finish putting in the eyelets and add my D ring decoration.
  • Bodice for Gemma Fletcher of the Archon: This hasn't been started yet, but she's supposed to get me the stuff today.
  • Harley Quinn collar: Has been topstitched so this is DONE
  • Harley Quinn cuffs: Haven't put the elastic and velcro on yet.
  • Beau's unmentionables bag: Haven't started this either
  • Spiderman pajama pants: Or this.
  • Square overskirt: Almost done! I just need to try it on and sew on a closure. Then its wearable but there's a decorative pocket to do as well.
  • Old concert tshirts throw: Started sewing on new shirts.

What I'm taking to the Archon Build Day plans:
  • The steampunk gypsy corset so I can finish the eyelets
  • Harley Quinn cuffs, elastic and velcro
  • The stuff for Miss Fletcher's bodice so I can get it cut out
  • Probably my square overskirt and the pocket
  • And fabric to cut out some pajama pants projects, Spiderman and Star Wars

Looks like my build day will be busy and well spent! Finishing the corset and the cuffs will be first on my list, followed closely by Miss Fletcher's bodice. The bodice will get priority the rest of the weekend, when I'm back at my sewing machine, since the deadline is a week from today. But if I can't start working on it at the build day, why not cut out other projects?

Tata for now,

Miss Leah J Wilde

Monday, January 9, 2012

Progress on January 2012 Sewing To Do List 1

I made quite a bit of progress this weekend:

The new Harley Quinn collar has been topstitched (still need to see about the cuffs though).

The steampunk gypsy corset is almost done. I made the binding and bound the corset, then started setting the eyelets. I need to pick up another package of eyelets to finish it. I have my little D ring to sew to the bottom, but haven't put it on yet.

And...I started my Truly Victorian square overskirt!!! I made a lot of progress yesterday, starting with cutting it out. The main apron piece and the waistband are in the plaid, the back poufs and the tails are in silver satin, and the apron facing and lining were cut from some black broadcloth (so they'd be a little more stable). I also cut two pieces of bias from the plaid to trim out the silver tails. With pattern directions close at hand, I started sewing. So far, the apron facing has been applied, hemmed and turned under the apron. The apron has been hemmed and trimmed with two rows of black ribbon. Unfortunately, I (belatedly) realized that I'd put the ribbon a little too close together for the silver lace because the lace is slightly larger than the ribbon. I interlined the back poufs with some petticoat net (so they'll 'pouf'' better) and stitched the back seam in both the poufs and the back lining. I deviated from the directions regarding the tails. The directions instruct you to stitch them together right sides together and then turn them. Since I'm trimming them in bias binding, I just folded them right sides out and stitched along the edges, because the edges will be finished with the binding anyways. And I started binding the tails.

Up next is sewing the silver lace over the black ribbon to finish trimming the apron and finishing binding the tails. Then putting all the pieces together. Eeep.

I think I'm making decent progress on my to do list, don't you? :)

Miss Leah J Wilde of the Airship Archon, signing out.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 2012 To Do List

Which is probably overly ambitious, as usual.

First up, I finished piecing the sixth gore of my crazy quilt skirt, so stage one of that is DONE!

Now for the actual to do list:
  • Finish the steampunk gypsy corset. I already put boning down the center back, stitched the boning channels close to the boning by hand and finished basting it. Now all I need to do is make the binding, bind it and put in the eyelets. I may add a few little things, like stitching over the eyelets in pretty thread or adding a few D rings. I have some extra trim that I could use to hang the D rings from. Then I could attach things to them... - Deadline: ASAP
  • Make a bodice for Gemma Fletcher of the Archon. She needs it by the 20th. This should probably be first on my list... - Deadline: January 20
  • Topstitch my new Harley Quinn collar and see if I can add elastic and velcro to my cuffs. - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Make Beau a bag for his closet to keep his unmentionables in. - Whenever it gets done.
  • I'd love to make some Spiderman pajama pants before Ohayocon, either for Beau or for me. I don't know if I have enough fabric to make Beau a pair, but I'm willing to try! - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Now for what I'd really love to do before Ohayocon: Make my plaid square overskirt. I bought a yard and a half of silver crepe back satin and some black ribbon. I traced out the pattern, which I think sounds relatively easy. I've pulled out the silver lace (that goes over the black ribbon) and some other silver trims to deck out the overskirt with. I also bought a tiny top hat to decorate to wear with it. I'm super excited to work on this, and it may just come before the unmentionables bag and the pajama pants. - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • I have a throw I made from old concert tshirts that I'd like to enlarge with more shirts and back with fleece (temporarily) before I see the band perform on Feb. 4. - Deadline: February 4

Okay, I think that's it for January. Now to see what I can actually accomplish...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I Did Over New Years

Quite a bit actually.

I worked on the SPG (steampunk gypsy) corset: Stitched on the last strap with the second buckle that I purchased last week, put in the zipper and basted (almost) all the edges together. I left some of the back un-basted because I need to slide some boning in along the center back edges. What's left to do: Bone the center back. Make and put on the binding. And put in the eyelets. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I also started piecing the last gore of my crazy quilt skirt.

And...I traced two of my Truly Victorian patterns: the square overskirt (which is next on my sewing list, I'm going to try to have it done for Ohayocon *fingers crossed*) and the asymmetrical overskirt (which is probably next after the square overskirt). I had just enough tracing stuff (my grandma told me its called 'sew do') to finish both overskirts, I have some left over, maybe enough for the bodice, maybe not. I'll need to purchase some pattern stuff soon.

I also finally sewed the closure onto my new Harley Quinn collar. I need to do a little top-stitching though, to give it a little more roundness.

In other news, they gave me all FIVE of the panels I applied for at Ohayocon. So I'm going to be a busy little girl preparing for those and at the con as well. Of course, the packing plans have already begun based on my panels.