Monday, January 9, 2012

Progress on January 2012 Sewing To Do List 1

I made quite a bit of progress this weekend:

The new Harley Quinn collar has been topstitched (still need to see about the cuffs though).

The steampunk gypsy corset is almost done. I made the binding and bound the corset, then started setting the eyelets. I need to pick up another package of eyelets to finish it. I have my little D ring to sew to the bottom, but haven't put it on yet.

And...I started my Truly Victorian square overskirt!!! I made a lot of progress yesterday, starting with cutting it out. The main apron piece and the waistband are in the plaid, the back poufs and the tails are in silver satin, and the apron facing and lining were cut from some black broadcloth (so they'd be a little more stable). I also cut two pieces of bias from the plaid to trim out the silver tails. With pattern directions close at hand, I started sewing. So far, the apron facing has been applied, hemmed and turned under the apron. The apron has been hemmed and trimmed with two rows of black ribbon. Unfortunately, I (belatedly) realized that I'd put the ribbon a little too close together for the silver lace because the lace is slightly larger than the ribbon. I interlined the back poufs with some petticoat net (so they'll 'pouf'' better) and stitched the back seam in both the poufs and the back lining. I deviated from the directions regarding the tails. The directions instruct you to stitch them together right sides together and then turn them. Since I'm trimming them in bias binding, I just folded them right sides out and stitched along the edges, because the edges will be finished with the binding anyways. And I started binding the tails.

Up next is sewing the silver lace over the black ribbon to finish trimming the apron and finishing binding the tails. Then putting all the pieces together. Eeep.

I think I'm making decent progress on my to do list, don't you? :)

Miss Leah J Wilde of the Airship Archon, signing out.

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