Monday, January 23, 2012

Progress on January 2012 Sewing To Do List 4

Our impromptu build day at the house was quite successful this weekend.
  1. Harley Quinn cuffs - are DONE. I stitched on the velcro and elastic so there's no chance of losing them
  2. Star Wars pillowcases for Beau - are DONE and on the bed. They were a quick project, even with finishing the edges with a zigzag.
  3. Spiderman pajama pants for myself - are DONE and waiting to be laundered so I can pack them for Ohayocon. Again, a quick project, but pajama pants usually are.
  4. Star Wars nightgown for myself - is DONE. I finished cutting out the pattern, then put it together, which was a fairly quick project. I used black quilt binding, cut in half lengthwise, for the neck binding; added a band of black flannel to the sleeves because they were too short; and used snaps instead of buttons because I didn't feel like messing with buttonholes and buttons.
  5. I also helped a friend with her Catwoman costume, and moved the ears to a better placement.

So the Current State of the January To Do List is:

  • Finish the steampunk gypsy corset: This is pretty much done except for the D rings I want to add. - Deadline: ASAP
  • Make a bodice for Gemma Fletcher of the Archon: DONE
  • Harley Quinn collar and cuffs: DONE
  • Make Beau a bag for his closet to keep his unmentionables in: Haven't started this yet. - Whenever it gets done.
  • Make Beau and I both pajamas for Ohayocon: Spiderman pajama pants: DONE. Star Wars nightgown: DONE. Star Wars pajama pants for Beau: not done, because he doesn't seem like he wants them. Star Wars pillowcases: DONE - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Make my plaid square overskirt: This is DONE (except for the decorative pocket, but its currently wearable). And I decorated the hat. - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Concert tshirts throw: Started, still needs a lot of work. - Deadline: February 4

So all that's left is Star Wars pajama pants if Beau wants them, his unmentionables bag that has no real deadline and the concert throw which I need by the 4th.

To do list for Ohayocon:

  • Laundry
  • Pack
  • Go to Sally's for a hair piece
  • Work on tshirt throw
  • Finish a friend's Catwoman (the eyes need fixed)
  • I also want to sew those D rings onto the gypsy corset so its fully finished

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