Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Airship Archon at Pandoracon!

This weekend, a handful of the Archon crew will be attending Pandoracon in Cincinnati and presenting three panels on steampunk:
  • Steampunk 101 at 5 pm on Friday
  • Steampunk 210 at 11:30 am on Saturday
  • Steampunk on a Budget at 5:30 pm on Saturday
All three panels will be in Windsor Center. 

Pandoracon is a small sci-fi fantasy convention, so it'd be a good starter con for anyone who is new to this! I believe online sales are over, but I know badges are available onsite as well. The convention is at the Atrium hotel in the Tri County area of Cincinnati.

More information about Pandoracon can be found at their website.

As for me, I will be sitting on all three panels, moderating / leading as is usual. I started packing. Sorta. I have the costumes I think are going in my garment bag (black and grey with the square overskirt, teal skirt which I may or may not wear, Diamonds are Forever, Confederate Vivandiere, and the new black and gold ensemble will go as well...I think that's it...)  I'm also planning to take the green and gold saloon girl-esque outfit (to be worn with leggings or tights) and my cream and black Victorian underwear to wear on Sunday.

I really need to finish packing...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To Do List - Pandoracon

TerAnn's jacket:
1. Pin and then hand sew in the lining.
2. Fix the cuffs. They need a little handsewing and maybe some bias to finish the edges.

My new green and gold outfit:
1. Sew the gold satin bias onto the black satin for the ruffles. Iron it then hand stitch on the opposite side.
2. Then comes making it into ruffles and sewing said ruffles onto the black skirt.
3. Hem the black skirt. I'd like to use some horsehair braid on it, but I don't know if I'll get the chance to pick some up.
4. Skirt waistband. Closures if I have the time, but I can always safety pin it.
5. Pin and hand sew the lining into the bolero.
6. Trim the bolero sleeves in gold satin bias.
7. Whipstitch the crinoline train into the petticoat.
8. If there's time, sew a closure onto the petticoat. If not, safety pins.

The green overskirt is already done. As is the petticoat.

T minus NINE days and counting.