Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Winter Sewing Plans

Vacation sewing is done, and I'm all packed! I head to my parents' after work today and then Mom and I are on the road again in the morning.

I actually finished my sewing last Friday, and then made my mom a new scrub top:

Mama's new scrub top.  The Force is strong in my family.

Then I was bored so I turned my attention to fall and winter sewing plans.  This was prompted by someone I follow on Instagram: sewhotmommi.  Last week she posted a picture of patterns and fabric that she is planning to sew for the fall and winter.  I loved the idea! Here's what I came up with:

From left to right, top to bottom we have:

1. Civil War undergarments.  I've decided that I need a complete mid 19th century outfit by Symposium next year, so I have until April.  Up first are finishing the hoop, and making a chemise and drawers and then petticoat.

2. Cinderella dress! I found Cinderella only print cotton at Joanns recently and couldn't resist it.  She's my favorite! I'm thinking the same 1950s pattern I used for my yellow Easter dress a couple years ago, but with sleeves (of course) and probably a white or other solid colored collar.

3. Leggings.  Because I always need leggings. I actually finished a pair of bright blue ones I started last year!

4. Work out clothes.  I fell in love with one of McCalls new patterns, that has a hoodie and awesome pieced workout leggings so I picked up some microfleece from the remnant bin to try out the hoodie pattern.  It's currently in progress, and will be finished post-vacation.  I have some brown knit that will either be these leggings or just the plain leggings from #3

5. Another scrub top for my mom.

6. Winter coat! This is the next project I plan to tackle post vacation because I need it the most.

7. 1930s skirt out of a black Paris print cotton I picked up several months ago.

8. 1930s vest to go with the Star Wars 1930s skirt I already have.  If I like it, I may make more vests.

9. 1930s dress.  When I took this picture I wasn't sure what fabric to use, but now I'm thinking it might be the Tardis print lurking in my stash...

10. Tshirts! This is another priority.  I need some more good layering tshirts, especially since I have decided to stay covered to my elbows.  Elbow length tshirts are one of my favorites and I've decided just to learn to make them myself.

11. I couldn't resist this knit dress pattern from Simplicity, no fabric for it yet.

12. Christmas gift for my dad -- a bath wrap for after he showers.  I just happened to find a pattern for one in my stash.  Who knows how long it's been there! lol

13. and 14. Sewing for my little cousin! Her mom (my first cousin) picked out some patterns she liked and I hit up the remnant bins for some fabric.  Oh the joys of sewing for a toddler! :)  I've finished the hooded fleece dress from the first pattern, and the tshirt from the second, the jumper from the second just needs the buttons on the shoulders.

15, 16, and 17 are all jumper patterns I've made before that I may tackle again.

18. I would like slips to wear with a few dresses but they're expensive! So I'm going to try making my own.

Not pictured: I just downloaded two BurdaStyle patterns during their 50% off sale on the first day of fall: a wrap sweater and denim trousers.  I've been wanting a wrap sweater for a while, and I really need to learn to make jeans because it's IMPOSSIBLE to find ones that fit me.  But I've had no luck patternwise because I want high waisted not skinny jeans.  These look like a good bet.  Plus, they're 1970s, which is in this season.

I obviously need to pick up some more fabric (I should make a list just in case we end up in any fabric stores during vacation...) but I have a good start, just from my stash!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Vacation Sewing Update

Well, I leave for vacation in a week.  Technically, we don't leave til Saturday morning but since my car will be loaded up on Friday to head to my parents' after work, I'm saying that I leave in a week.

I finished my hooded knit dress:

And the Burda dress (nicknamed "Flower Power") is almost done, I just need to do a little decorative stitching around the hem.

I changed a few things, I didn't gather the sleeves at all, just sewed the cuffs on. They also don't have cords and tassels, they're just plain cuffs.  And I changed the directions, because I didn't agree with how the sleeves were done.

So all that's left is the tiered peasant skirt to wear with a funky hippie top that I have.  It's started, just need to get it finished.  I might even be able to finish all that tonight, if not I can definitely do it tomorrow. 

In other words, I don't think that I'm doing too shabby on vacation preparations at the moment.  Finish those projects, do some laundry, pack, hit the grocery for a couple items...It'll be a busy weekend, but it's all totally doable. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vacation Sewing!

1960s wrap dress out of Pepsi fabric DONE

Swimsuit using a recent McCalls pattern - DONE

Hooded knit dress - in progress

Hooded sweater for my mom - DONE

Two shrugs from TanitIsis' free pattern, one black, one white - pretty much DONE (although I should probably put closures on them)

I've been a little busy :D