Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 Completed Projects as of May 7, 2015

1. Harley Quinn dress: stash pattern and thread, gift fabric, purchased black solid and buttons and zipper

2. Taking in a tshirt so it has a more feminine fit

3. Reversible Pepsi print apron for my papa: purchased fabric that I couldn't resist, stash pattern

4. Pepsi print 1930s skirt for myself: purchased fabric, I think the pattern was already in my stash

5. Butterfly dress for my grandmother's funeral: purchased fabric and thread, stash pattern and belt buckle

6. Crazy sewing project for ISS: stash almost everything, I think the only think I purchased were the closures for the jacket and the muslin to flatline the skirt.

What Miss Wilde Wore at the International Steampunk Symposium

Friday evening, representing the Archon in black and gold.
Friday night, Edwardian underwear
Saturday morning, crazy sewing project
Side view, crazy sewing project (I need a better nickname)
Saturday afternoon to early morning Sunday, Victorian bathing suit. I did add a corset over it for the parties.
Sunday, The Governess. Pictured here with Sigmund and the lovely Leanna Renee Hieber. I heart her so much.

Miss Wilde's Crazy Project 2

I did it!

Okay, mostly.

First up, the corset: Like I said before, this was finishing an already started corset.  It's a Simplicity Civil War era style, which is probably why fitting it was such a pain.  I cut and recut it several times before I was happy with it and when it was all said and done, I still had to put in a little dart at the bottom to get it to fit better.  But, I think it turned out pretty good. :)

Getting everything cut out and ironed.
All put together and putting the boning channels in.
One thing I wished I had done differently: I followed the instructions for the boning channels but ended up only using like half of the boning I purchased for the corset because I couldn't do all the boning channels.  Several of the panels were supposed to have boning down the center but mine was so small that I couldn't really fit them.  So next time two boning channels per seam. I think that'd work better and give me more support and compression.

Busk in, eyelets next.

Almost done! And looking pretty good, don't you think?
Half bound. I wasn't going to line it, but decided that I couldn't deal with icky insides, so I used left over fabric from my butterfly dress to line and bind them.  I think the purple looks pretty with the yellow stripes.
Once the corset was done, it was time to start on the petticoat.  This is the 1880s view from Truly Victorian's petticoat pattern.  I had actually cut it out last year but never put it together.

I really really hate tucks.  They're easy but very monotonous.
Petticoat's not fancy, but it's done. And I think it looks pretty good.

Finished corset and petticoat worn over my lobster tail bustle and bustle pillow for extra lift and support.

After the undergarments were finished, it was time for the outfit! First up was the skirt, because I figured it'd be easier.  I had brown silk already and debated about flatlining it for support and structure.  I asked a couple seamstress friends and they were both like "oh it'll be fine, don't worry about it".  My mom (who doesn't sew, but understands sewing and more importantly me) told me to flatline it because I wouldn't be happy otherwise.  Flatlining was also the advice from Historical Sewing when I asked via Facebook.  So I bought some cream muslin and flatlined the silk, following the instructions from Historical Sewing's blog.

Everything cut out.

Once the skirt was together, I realized I had a couple snags: the waistband was too small and the petticoat too long.
 I ripped apart the waistband, remade a new slightly longer one, and resewed it.  I also ended up hemming the petticoat a little shorter, the night before the convention.

Hand hemming the skirt while visiting my parents and watching Smackdown! (wrestling) with my dad.
Once all that was taken care of, it was time to tackle the worst part: the jacket.  After measuring myself, and having a friend remeasure me, I set to work.

First up, cutting out the pattern. This is Truly Victorian's Riding Habit bodice by the way.
Mock up, front.

Mock up, back

This is actually mockup number two. The front was too small on the first one so I had to cut another at a larger size.

The weekend before the convention, hand basting time!

Trying to decide if I wanted a contrast collar or not.

Cutting out the lining.

Good thing I keep a sewing machine at my parents' house! I was able to get the jacket....

And the lining put together while visiting over a three day weekend.

Good thing about that leftover boning from my corset? It worked pretty perfectly to bone the jacket.

Spent an evening hand sewing in boning casings.
 And now for the bane of my existence, sleeves.  I did sleeve #1 three times, decided it was okay enough and did sleeve #2 and....they didn't match.
I hate sleeves.
 This was Monday night before the convention, that started on Friday. I called my  mom almost and tears and she told me just to make it a vest, at least for now. Wasn't worth the stress.

Two days before the convention
Two days before the convention and my to do list was: finishing the bias trim which had to be hand sewn on with all the corners and tricky bits. Sewing the arm holes and neck edges.  Closures on the jacket and the skirt. Oh and finishing packing.

Only the closures to go!

I totally sewed on the last two closures for my jacket on my lunch break at work the day the convention started but I finished my crazy sewing project!

And a close up.
Next time, I need to lengthen the skirt (which is Truly Victorian's four gore 1880s underskirt)  It was a good walking length, which was perfect for the traveling outfit idea I was going for, but it really should be just a touch longer because you could see my boots.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Miss Wilde's Crazy Project

Once the funeral was over, my sewing mojo came back with a vengeance.  I spent the entire drive back to Columbus from Cincinnati contemplating what I wanted to sew for the International Steampunk Symposium.  Late night drive, because I stayed at home to watch Monday Night Raw with my daddy (yes, I'm a huge wrestling fan, deal with it).

At first, I thought I'd finish a project I started last year in lime green sari brocade and navy chiffon, but that project requires a serger, and I didn't want to deal with having to arrange a visit to a friend's house to use a serger.

So then I remembered some brown silk and cream and brown linen in my stash. And thought about a project I've had in the back of my mind for a while, a nice tailored jacket using Truly Victorian's Riding Habit Jacket pattern along with an 1880s underskirt.  Of course, that also means finally making an actual corset to be worn as an undergarment (which had been started, barely) and a new petticoat (also started, aka cut out).

Corset. Petticoat. Jacket. Skirt.

In three weeks.

Told you it was a crazy project.

So far I have:
  1. Torn apart, recut, rebasted, fitted and basically repeated all those actions for the corset.
  2. It is now what I think is the right size, and interlined, and basted together. 
  3. NEXT STEP: actually sewing it together and checking to see if I have boning and a busk *crosses fingers*
  4. Read over the petticoat instructions
  5. Bleached and washed some white twill I had in my stash that was formerly a pool table cover at my parents' house and thus rather gross
  6. Found some green polished cotton in my stash I'm thinking of using for the jacket lining and maybe trim
I have three weeks from today.  Wish me luck!

Update on Miss Wilde

My, I have been rather remiss with updating my blog, haven't I, dear readers?

Well, you see, my beloved grandmother passed at the end of January.  So really, besides some retail therapy at the fabric store, I've been doing very little that was sewing related.

I did manage to finish a new dress for her funeral (which we just had, she lived out of state so it was cremation with services to follow at some point).  The dress was from a Butterick retro reprint with a matching jacket (that it was too cold to wear).  Butterfly print because she loved butterflies and trimmed and lined in purple because I always wear purple to funerals.  The straps snap instead of tying as called for in the pattern, and there's also a purple belt made with a buckle that Grandma gave me.  For the funeral, which was graveside, I wore a black cardigan, matching purple tights and black flats. 

I feel like I've bought a ton of fabric lately as well.  That aforementioned retail therapy.  (1) Purple butterfly print cotton to make my cousin's little girl a dress.  (2) Pepsi print fabric to make my dad a reversible apron (which is DONE), myself a 1930s skirt (also DONE, but man was it complicated) and now some to make myself a 1960s dress.  (3) Doctor Who fabric, which will probably also be 1960s dresses.  The dalek print one will be definitely.

The 1930s skirt, same pattern as my Star Wars print one just a different version.  The waistband had like four pieces plus the pleats = complicated.  But worth it, I think!
My brain has apparently decided to start planning my summer vacation wardrobe (even though vacation isn't for MONTHS because we go at the end of summer).  I've decided to go for a mostly 1960s vibe, maybe a little 1970s and a little 1950s.

Patterns I picked up recently for said summer vacation wardrobe.
Vintage lace my mom gave me
 Some patterns I might use:

I also have a pencil skirt cut out that I really need to put together because I need it for an event later this month.

And then I decided to take on a crazy project which is going in the next post...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First projects of 2015!

My birthday / Christmas gift from my brother was 6 yards of Harley Quinn fabric from Spoonflower! His only request was that I make something that he could see me wear, and not just something like pajamas.  So with an upcoming trip to Florida to see my grandmother, I got to work!

I apparently like tight deadlines lol

FABRIC! Which is actually more orange and black than red and black, but at least it's a very red orange.

Trying to decide on a pattern. The left one won!
Starting the bodice!
And the skirt!
 I ended up having to go to the store for a zipper, buttons and facing fabric.

Putting it all together!
Almost there! Facings, buttons and hem to go!

Just needs buttons!

 Dress was finished in under a week, with time to spare before my trip! Then I wore it to an NXT event...

And met Finn Balor (Prince Devitt), Charlotte, and Hideo Itami (KENTA)!

AND met my FAVORITE!!! Sami Zayn!!

Second 2015 project? Taking in my Sami Zayn shirt so it actually fits: