Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First projects of 2015!

My birthday / Christmas gift from my brother was 6 yards of Harley Quinn fabric from Spoonflower! His only request was that I make something that he could see me wear, and not just something like pajamas.  So with an upcoming trip to Florida to see my grandmother, I got to work!

I apparently like tight deadlines lol

FABRIC! Which is actually more orange and black than red and black, but at least it's a very red orange.

Trying to decide on a pattern. The left one won!
Starting the bodice!
And the skirt!
 I ended up having to go to the store for a zipper, buttons and facing fabric.

Putting it all together!
Almost there! Facings, buttons and hem to go!

Just needs buttons!

 Dress was finished in under a week, with time to spare before my trip! Then I wore it to an NXT event...

And met Finn Balor (Prince Devitt), Charlotte, and Hideo Itami (KENTA)!

AND met my FAVORITE!!! Sami Zayn!!

Second 2015 project? Taking in my Sami Zayn shirt so it actually fits:

2015 Sewing Plans - Post the Second

Dear friends, do you ever just not FEEL it? For example, this year's to do list is full of awesome stashbusting, historical sewing! And I feel like doing pretty much NONE of it.

So what's a seamstress to do?

Rewrite the to do list!

I'm pretty sure that what I actually end up sewing will be a mixture of the two, but c'est la vie! So in no particular order:

  1. I do still want to do Civil War, so first up are the undergarments! Corset, hoops, chemise, drawers, and petticoat.
  2. Then I'll tackle the clothes.  Probably the cream plaid dress to start, then maybe a ballgown. Or maybe a Garibaldi blouse and skirt.
  3. Blue leggings that have been started.
  4. A winter dress with sleeves would be nice.
  5. A dress for my little cousin Briella. This should be fun!
  6. I should probably make myself an Easter dress. Maybe from the blue plaid I have in my stash. I was going to do something historical with it but...
  7. 1930s vest to  match my 1930s Star Wars skirt. Probably a nice black cotton, with the Star Wars print as the collar and belt. Yellow lining, and yellow buttons. Or the reverse, yellow vest, black lining and buttons...
  8. I have a yard of a fancy gold fabric, I'm thinking a pencil skirt for SES. It doesn't quite match my airship uniform, but if I wore my black bustle apron...
  9. I really want a new denim skirt.
  10. I have leftover Harley Quinn fabric from another project (posting about that next!) so I'd like a skirt out of that as well. Maybe do another 1930s skirt and vest combo.
  11. I need to work on my quilting. I have two current projects and I'd also like to do some Civil War era blocks. I also have a quilt commission I should work on...
  12. Retro style swimsuit
  13. Winter coat
  14. 1940s blouse and trousers.
  15. New drindl blouse, I'll need that before Oktoberfest.
So a couple major projects, but a lot easier than the previous list. :D

2014 Finished Projects - Final

I'm a little behind but here's what I made last year!

  • Complete Regency ensemble from the skin out, including a reticule.
  • 18th century stays, bum pad and petticoat
  • Two Clifford the Big Red Dog aprons for my father and brother.
  • Ohio State University pajama pants for my cousin.
  • Commissioned jacket for a friend's Elizabeth from Bioshock cosplay.
  • Edwardian corset, drawers and chemise. Officially finished the corset with some hooks and eyes in early May. Chemise was finished around mid May, and everything was from the stash! Well, kinda, I did buy the batiste for the project but it was purchased ahead of time so...but the lace and pattern were stash.
  • Easter dress
  • Airship Archon uniform corset version 1.0
  • Some repairs: Replaced all the ties in my lobster tail bustle in early May. Fixed my skirt and petticoat for the airship uniform with closures and wrist loops, mid May-ish. Fixed a couple issues with my Governess bodice, mid May.
  • Airship Archon uniform corset version 2.0.
  • White petticoat.
  • Silver, red and black wash overskirt.
  • Gold polonaise and matching hat band. Original and repaired.
  • Steam casual sundress and matching hat band.
  • Summer scrub top for my mom.
  • Several new things for summer vacation: black and red striped wrap circle skirt, train skirt, Audrey Hepburn skirt, funky kimono sleeved dress
  • Halloween scrub top for my mom. Purchased fabric, stash pattern.
  • Victorian swimsuit, purchased everything. Finished before Teslacon.
  • Some improvements to steampunk Harley Quinn pre-Teslacon.
  • Elephant baby quilt for a friend, all purchased.
  • Grey and black plaid jumper, purchased everything.
  • Star Wars print 1930s skirt, purchased everything.
  • Knit tunic, stash pattern, purchased fabric.
  • New Christmas scrub top for my mom, stash pattern, purchased fabric.
  • Repaired another Christmas scrub top for her, purchased fabric.
  • Christmas pajamas for me! Purchased fabric, stash fabric and buttons. 
  • Those darned purple leggings that took me like a year to finish. Stash pattern and elastic, purchased fabric. Finished mid December.
  • Christmas dress and huge 1950s petticoat, purchased zipper, fabric and petticoat netting, stash pattern and thread. Finished mid December.
Less than 40 projects last year, but several of those were pretty involved (Regency ensemble, Victorian swimsuit, Edwardian undergarments, etc).

On to 2015!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Dress

I promised a post on my Christmas dress, so here it is!!! :D

I started with around 5 yards of uncut corduroy.  Not enough for the pattern, but I decided to do a contrast collar and cuffs to cut down on it, and shorten the skirt if I had to. Which I frequently do with my 1950s dresses because they were LONG to allow for the petticoats.  So I start cutting out the bodice. And as I go to cut out the second part, I realize that I'd cut without paying attention to the nap.

*face palm*

Okay, so how do I handle this? Knowing I'm already short on fabric, I decide just to keep the mistake going.  Maybe no one will notice, right? So I finish cutting everything out, including lining for the bodice and interfacing and pack up everything to take home to my parents' house for Thanksgiving.

I start sewing.  I try on the bodice and look down.  You can totally see the nap.  I ask my parents if they can tell, mom can't at first, but dad can.  We decide that I might as well keep going, so I work on the skirt.  After sewing together several panels and putting in the pockets I realize that I only cut two sides instead of four.

*face palm*

At this point, I hate the dress and my mom  pretty much just looked at me and said we're going to the fabric store.

Christmas dress take two:  I bought the right amount of fabric (black crepe) and lining (a pretty black and white houndstooth) as well as a yard of white satin to do the collar and cuffs.

By the way, at this point, I have two weeks to get the dress done to wear to The Nutcracker which is why I started making a new dress for Christmas to begin with. After I got home on Sunday, I cut out the collar and cuffs, to get it out of the way.  So my goal on day one (the Monday after the fabric store) was to get everything cut out.  I got the black cut out, and part of the lining.  The second day, I finished the lining, washed the interfacing (I just used muslin) and started sewing. Day three: finish the bodice, except the collar and cuffs.

Day four: fixed a fitting issue and got the collar on.

Day five: collar and cuffs on and with fancy stitching on the edges. Started pinning all the skirt panels together.

 By the evening of day six, I was working on pinning the lining in place. At that point, all that was left was the zipper, stitching the lining down and then hemming the lining and the dress itself.

On day seven, I hung up the dress to let the skirt settle before hemming.

Day eight, I was really tired and didn't work on my dress.  As of day nine, the dress just needed the lining finished and the both the lining and dress hemmed. The overskirt was underway, but the petticoat hadn't been touched yet.

Day eleven: I finished hemming the overskirt, with a satin stitch. And stopped for the night because if I knew that if I didn't every single seam was going to end up with a satin stitch.  So all that was left was the gathering and the waistband. And the petticoat.

By the Friday before the event (day twelve), all that was left was the petticoat so I spent my Saturday cutting and gathering yards and yards and yards of netting.

But it all got DONE on time!!!

And of course, I ended up deciding not to wear the overskirt. I just liked it better without it. Maybe I'll just use it as a Christmas tree skirt.

Monday, December 8, 2014

What Miss Wilde Wore at Teslacon

Friday during the day: Grey black and red ensemble with the wash overskirt I made for but didn't wear at Steamtopia. Photo by my friend Hanah.

Friday, Opening Ceremonies: Black purchased blouse, tied up black bustle underskirt and my airship corset. Photo by my friend Rachel. Also pictured: The villain of our tale, Dr. Proctocus. (who's sooo dreamy lol)

Another view, also by Rachel.

Saturday, during the day. Steampunk Harley Quinn.  Please note the new lace collar and lace on the sleeves.

Harley, with the red parasol that my best friend bought me as a present. :)
Saturday night, for the ball

Saturday night, another view

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
As you can see, rococopunk didn't happen. I wasn't happy with how it looked and it just wasn't worth the stress of trying to fix it days before leaving.  I also wore a lot of leggings with corsets for evening events.  Comfortable, cute and steam casual. And I never got my garrison hat or black bloomers made, c'est la vie, oui?

I enjoyed Teslacon.  I think it'd be fun to be more involved in the immersion if I go again.  I was a little disappointed in both the offered panels and in some of the presentations.  I'm not impressed if all you do is read from a paper while speaking.  I would go again, but next year is the weekend before Thanksgiving so I won't be able to. I refuse to take that much time off work that close together.

Update on my Year End To Do List

Update on my Year End To Do List:

 1. Finish the elephant baby quilt - DONE

Finished baby quilt! And my friend LOVED it! :)
2. Finish the Teslacon stuff - yeah, didn't really finish any of this...
3. Finish a pair of purple leggings I started last winter - These aren't done either...but I did buy some knit for the waistband so I can hopefully finish them soon!
4. Grey and black plaid jumper -- DONE

Finished plaid jumper
Which I'm actually wearing today. It's actually a little shorter than I usually like (I almost always wear my skirts a little past my knee, or at least to the middle of my knee) but since I'm pretty sure I'll always wear it with tights (it's heavy flannel) I think it'll be okay.
5. Star Wars print 1930s style skirt -- DONE

Fabric and pattern

Finished skirt! totally love this pattern by the way, so I'm sure I'll be using it again

6. Knit tunic using my funky dress pattern from McCalls -- Cut out but haven't put together yet
7. Black 1950s dress with snowflake overskirt -- in progress, hopefully I can make a big post on this later with all the details :)
8. Black specialty mesh petticoat for said dress -- Haven't started yet
9. Fix my mom's Christmas scrub top and make her a new one -- DONE

Mom's new Christmas scrub top.  The other one was enlarged with gores of red and white dotted cotton on the sides.

10. 1940s hooded blouse and trousers from Eva Dress -- I don't think this will happen
11. Nightgown for grandma (if I have enough of the fabric that she wants me to use) -- or this
12. and start a cosplay for Ohayocon -- or this
13. Christmas pajamas that I somehow started for myself -- I just need to add cuffs to the sleeves of the top (they're too short) and this will be done

I bought the penguin flannel for new pajama pants and decided to make a matching top using left over fabric from enlarging my mom's scrub top.
Partially constructed pajama top.
So that's what I've been up to!  Sorry for the sporadic blog posts, my goal is to be WAY better with this next year. I hope. Fingers crossed.

Friday, October 17, 2014

2015 Sewing Plans

In the process of making a to do to finish out 2014, I of course started thinking about what I'd like to make next year. First of all, I've decided to try to stage a de-stashing, so the first step will really be cataloging and probably reorganizing my fabric and patterns. That may take a while.

But here's what's on my list for next year:
  1. Finish the cosplay for Ohayocon. This is NOT a stash project, I'll probably have to buy pretty much everything.
  2. A dress to wear to see the Great Gatsby at BalletMet in February. I was planning to use a twenties-esque pattern from my stash, but it doesn't have sleeves so....I'm not sure yet. Another NOT stash project.
  3. A dress to wear to see Cinderella at BalletMet in March. I'm not sure but I'm thinking of maybe using the same pattern I used for my Easter dress, but with sleeves and with an overskirt. NOT a stash project
  4. A quilt commission for a friend that has been sitting in my sewing room for a really long time
  5. The green and blue sari bustle gown that I started for Teslacon. I'll need it done by Steampunk Symposium at the end of April. Most of it is cut out already, but I will need to purchase a few things.
  6. Over the winter, I'll be working on hand quilting my embroidered quilt again
  7. Brown and cream bustle gown. I have brown silk for the skirt and a cream and brown linen for the bodice both in my stash. I'll probably have to purchase notions and such, along with some bodice lining. Stash.
  8. I have eight yards of plaid taffeta. I'm thinking either a plaid bustle gown, or a mid century ball gown. Stash.
  9. Speaking of mid century, I need to make my Civil War era undergarments. Will likely need to purchase some muslin for these, my stash is running out.
  10. And the cream plaid day dress from fabric I purchased either this year. Stash
  11. I have around nine or ten yards of a pink on pink stripe. I should make *something*. Stash
  12. I also have several yards of a green and white stripe and a white on white stripe. I was thinking a bustle afternoon gown, but maybe something Edwardian. Stash.
  13. I'd like to at least start my charm quilt, although I realize that's a LONG term project
  14. I'd also like to start doing some piecing for a Civil War quilt using the book I bought while on vacation
  15. Garibaldi blouse and skirt. Probably not a stash project.
  16. I really want to make a Maleficent cosplay of some sort. NOT a stash project
  17. A winter coat. NOT a stash project
  18. New blouse to wear with my drindl. Also NOT a stash project.