Monday, October 3, 2016

August and September Finished Projects

  • Two pairs of underwear (August 6th) -- leftover fabric, free pattern, stash thread, purchased elastic.  It's the Rosy Ladyshorts pattern.
  • Repaired a pair of pants for my mother (August 12)
  • Hemmed my father's workout pants (August 12)
  • Green shirtdress (August 14) -- I think I purchased everything except the white thread. It also didn't turn out that great, I don't know if it was a poor fabric choice, or if it was the wrong size, or a combination of the two.  Pattern was McCalls 7351, view B but I added pockets to the skirt
  • Bodice. Not super happy with the way the pockets look...
    I finished the sleeve seams because the sleeves roll up and they'd be exposed.
  • Fixed my Flower Power dress, used leftover pink cotton to patch an underarm hole and put a matching match on the other side so it'd be even (August 15)
  • 1916 National Park Centennial suspender skirt (August 22) -- purchased pattern and fabric, stash thread and buttons 
  • Pattern
    Trying to figure out the pattern and instructions
    Trying to pick buttons
    I was at Fort Necessity NB on the Centennial and they LOVED my outfit so they posted in online!
  • Slip (August 22) -- stash pattern (same Burda that I used last time) and thread, purchased fabric and fold over elastic
  • Racerback dress (free download from Hey June) for Briella (August 23) -- free pattern, purchased fabric, stash fabric and thread
  • Took in two skirts for Briella
  • OSU skirt for Briella -- stash fabric and elastic, no pattern
  • Cinderella dress for Briella -- stash everything (all on September 3). Used the 1950s Simplicity dress pattern I used for her daisy dress, but there's not a sash.
Thirteen projects in August and September, but I've lost count of my total projects for the year.  I'll have to figure that out.  Not much sewing has been going on lately, because life has been REALLY crazy.  Thankfully I think most of the crazy is taken care of so now I need to concentrate on getting settled into my new place (sewed for the first time there last night!) and working on my fall winter to do list. 

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