Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall / Winter 2016 Sewing Plans

    Labor Day weekend I went on a little retail therapy fabric store spree and walked out with enough fabric for four outfits, plus another top.  So here's what's on the list, some is from the spending spree, some is more wish list items:

    1. Striped seventies-esque cotton Bruyére (Deer and Doe).  This wasn't part of the spending spree but it is on my to do list. And already started!
    2. A matching hoodie (McCalls 7026) and skirt (McCalls 7386) out of purple sweatshirt fleece with a coordinating purple print tshirt (Burda 6820).  I'm going to alter the skirt slightly, the pattern calls for it to be longer in the back than the front so I'm either going to make a maxi skirt and even out the hem (because the one I've already made kinda drives me bonkers) or make the next shortest view, which should still be pretty long, maybe a midi length. 
    3. Black and white plaid Bruyére (Deer and Doe) with pearl snaps and black jeggings (basic leggings pattern, which actually I meant to use another pattern and forgot and they're already almost done so...) to go with a pair of pink cowboy boots I own.
    4. Brown denim Burda Style denim trousers with a green and cream plaid flannel pullover hoodie (vintage Simplicity 7851)
    5. Red and blue plaid flannel pullover (vintage Simplicity 7851), I might not have enough to make it hooded though
    6. Hooded jumper in black corduroy patterned in fall colors (vintage Simplicity 7927).  This is also already started!
    7. I need to finish the shirt I started months ago for my brother.  It just needs the buttonholes and buttons.
    8. New fall scrub top for my mother for work.  Needs done by Halloween so she can wear it during the Thanksgiving season. 
    9. More underwear.  I'd also like to try bra making. I bought Simplicity 8229, and I also have three downloadable free patterns from the same designer. 
    10. More workout clothes.  I'm looking at Butterick 6295, McCalls 7446, and McCalls 7482, mostly pants, maybe some tops.  I have a pair of pink capris started that I discovered when I was going through stuff to move so those are actually almost done. 
    11. One of my favorite wrestlers is out injured and I want to make him a stuffed animal and send it to him with a card.  I have the pattern, but haven't started anything yet. 
    12. I need to make a red top to wear for the Christmas choir program at church.  I had a blouse, but honestly kinda hated it so I got rid of it.  I'm thinking of vintage Simplicity 7757, the tunic version with long sleeves and pockets if I can fit them. 
    13. I bought Simplicity 8243 and Simplicity 8242, but they are total wish list projects.

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