Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 To Do List

Civil War sewing:  I at least need to get the undergarments and the plaid day dress finished for the Symposium, which is at the beginning of April:
  1. Finish the undergarments, the corset chemise and drawers are done, just have the hoop and petticoat to go 
  2. Cream plaid day dress 
  3. Plaid ballgown (maybe) 
  4. Garibaldi blouse and skirt.
Other Eras / Steampunk
  1. The green and blue sari bustle gown that I started for Teslacon 2014 - Symposium?
  2. Finish gold pencil skirt - Symposium?
  3. Edwardian undergarments in black and cream

Regular clothes
  1. Jeans (priority)
  2. Pajamas for my cousins kids (priority)
  3. Shirt for my brother - before his birthday in February
  4. Gifts for BayMella 
  5. New blouse to wear with my drindl. 
  6. 1930s vests 
  7. 1970s denim skirt 
  8.  1940s blouse and trousers. 
  9. Cinderella dress - Easter dress?
  10. Star wars dress 
  11. Work out clothes.    
  12. Another scrub top for my mom. 
  13. 1930s dress.  
  14. knit dress 
  15. Slips 
  16. Wrap sweater - by spring
  17. T shirts and leggings for my little cousin (priority)
  18. T shirts for myself (priority since they're already cut out)
  19. Knickerbockers
  1. A quilt commission for a friend 
  2. Work on my charm quilt 
  3. I'd also like to start doing some piecing for a Civil War quilt
Fabric I have that I should do something with:
  1. Plaid taffeta (maybe Civil War ballgown) 
  2. Pink on pink stripe 
  3. Green on white and white on white stripe

Miss Wilde's Year in Review

Well, I started off my year with a couple quick projects, including a dress to take to Florida to visit my grandmother.

A couple weeks after I saw her, she passed away.  And it was like all my sewing mojo disappeared.  I managed to make a couple things, including a dress for her funeral, and as soon as she was buried (which was actually a couple months after she passed, she was cremated), I had all of this inspiration.  And only a few weeks until the International Steampunk Symposium.  But I managed to make a new outfit in three weeks, corset, petticoat, skirt and vest. 

Over the entire year, I managed a total of fifty two projects.  Some were major, like the new outfit for ISS, and some were minor like modding something or binding a quilt for my cousin.  But still fifty two projects, which for those of you who aren't math savvy, means that I averaged a project a week.

That's kinda crazy.

I accomplished a few goals, made a winter coat for the first time, made a swimsuit for the first time.  I started sewing with knits.  I started sewing for kids.  I completed a few of those projects under tight deadlines.

I also accomplished pretty much nothing that was on my original to do list.

But hey, that's life, right?

Now it's time to look ahead, and make a 2016 to do list, so that I can make completely different stuff. :D

A bientot, mes amis.

Friday, December 11, 2015

2015 Completed Projects - As of December 30 2015 (EDITED)

  1. Harley Quinn dress (January)
  2. Took in a tshirt for a more feminine fit. (January)
  3. Reversible Pepsi print apron for my father
  4. 1930s Pepsi print skirt for myself
  5. 1950s butterfly funeral dress and jacket (March)
  6. 1880s brown and cream bustle ensemble (April)
  7. Modded denim jeans into a skirt (May)
  8. 1960s Dalek print dress
  9. High waisted leopard print shorts (June)
  10. Knit dress with kimono sleeves and a drapey neckline
  11. Bird dress
  12. Purple butterfly dress for my little cousin
  13. Speedy cosplay from Arrow (August)
  14. Bound two small quilts for my cousin
  15. 1960s wrap dress out of Pepsi fabric (September)
  16. Retro style swimsuit (September)
  17. Hooded snake dress (September)
  18. Hooded cardigan for my mom (September) 
  19. Two retro style shrugs (September)
  20. Flower power dress (September)
  21. Tiered purple and green skirt (September)
  22. Star Wars scrub top for my mom (September)
  23.  Cream microfleece hoodie (October)
  24. Finished blue leggings started last year
  25. Tshirts for my little cousin: grey, pink, white.
  26. Jumpers / dresses for my little cousin: pink hooded fleece dress, penguin hooded jumper, purple flannel jumper, Disney princess flannel jumper, Frozen jumper
  27. Grey and pink striped tshirt (November)
  28. 1930s Paris print skirt (November)
  29. Super quick and easy Christmas print cotton skirt (November)
  30. Recovered the family Christmas stockings (November)
  31. Hooded sweater fleece cardigan (November)
  32. Pink and aqua workout leggings (December)
  33. Bath wrap for my dad for Christmas (December)
  34. Brown leggings (December)
  35. Coral corduroy 'jacket' (December)
  36. Three wise men costumes for the church musical (December) 
  37. Winter coat (December) 
  38. Pajamas for my nephew for Christmas (December) 
  39. Two tshirts for myself, one cream, one purple (December)
  40. Mid 19th century aka American Civil War chemise and drawers to go with the corset I made earlier this year (December) 
  41. Hooded tshirt from fabric left over from making my mom a hooded cardigan (December) 
For those of you playing along at home, that's 52 projects for the year. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fall Winter Sewing Update. Again.

  1. Wise men costumes are basically done.  I just got their head measurements so the hats are still unfinished, but everything else is in my car to pass off to the pastor tonight at choir practice.
  2. Winter coat: Still not finished.  The buttonholes are done, just need to sew on the buttons.
  3. I re-covered the family christmas stockings when I was home for Thanksgiving.  My mom actually helped and did a little hand sewing on a couple of them.  
  4. The bath wrap for my dad is finished. Hopefully it works for him!
  5. I have the fabric and pattern for my nephews pajamas but haven't started them yet.  I went to the other day and realized my pattern was the wrong size so I started something else lol  Now I do have the right size so once I finish the wise men, I'll work on that.
  6. I finished the jumpers for my cousin.  I also fixed the first one I made her and fixed the penguin fleece jumper as well.  I have a little pair of sleep pants that I'm redoing the elastic in, but they're not done yet.
  7. Brown leggings are DONE.
  8. Work out leggings are DONE.
  9. 1930s vest is finally all cut out (I think) but I still haven't started it.
  10. I have however started the American Civil War undergarments.  The chemise is almost finished, just needs a closure! And I've ordered bone casing, hoop connectors as well as bought twill tape.  So I should have all the supplies for the hoop.
  11. Sweater fleece hooded cardigan is DONE  I'm still debating about lengthening the sleeves, they only come to about mid-forearm.  
  12. I cut out a stack of tshirts for myself. 
So here's what I need to work on, in some order of priority:

  1. Finish the wise men costumes 
  2. Finish my winter coat
  3. Finish the jacket I started for myself when I couldn't work on my nephew's pajamas. It's McCalls 7291, I just fell in love and thought a learn to sew pattern would be relatively quick to stitch up. And I found coral colored corduroy which was impossible to resist.
  4. Christmas gift pajamas for my nephew
  5. Tshirts
  6. American Civil War undergarments, including starting the hoop over Christmas break.
  7. Pajamas for my cousin's kids
  8. Paris 1930s vest
  9. Jeans 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall / Winter Sewing - The Pictures

Some finished projects...

Cream microfleece hoodie, McCalls pattern.  The sleeves are too short, I need to buy a little of the fabric and lengthen them.

Finished tshirts and jumper for my mini-me aka my little cousin
Finished tshirt that I freaking LOVE
In progress:


To do list from the top down: workout clothes (leggings done), wrap sweater, workout clothes, tshirts (done), some quilting stash addition, the pink is satin that was part of my coat (facing and hood lining), denim for jeans, terrycloth for dad's Christmas gift, and sweater fleece.
 Wise men:

Coat Progress:

Starting to put it together...
Putting the lining together...
Time to start putting all the pieces together...
Letting the hem settle...

Fall/Winter Sewing Update -- Trying to Prioritize

The current priority is making three wise men costumes for the church musical.  I honestly wanted to say no when I was asked, but then I thought "God gave me this talent, I should use it FOR Him." So I'm making them.  The worship pastor seems thrilled and keeps bragging to the choir about me making the costumes so I guess I'm doing alright with them so far. lol

Current status: Both collars are at the hand-sewing portion for the trimmings as well as the Velcro closures (might machine that actually).  Both belts are cut out.  One tunic and one coat are cut out, not for the same wise man of course.  Two tunics will be cotton, those will wait til Thanksgiving because I need to iron the fabric first and I don't have the ability to iron several yards of fabric at my place, my ironing board is too small.  In total I need to make: two collars, two belts, three tunics, two coats, one cape, a crown, a fez, and a turban.

After that, finishing my winter coat is probably the next priority.  It just needs the buttons and buttonholes.  I'm actually wearing it unfinished, I figured I can either belt it or just wear it open. 

After that, Christmas projects are probably the next priority.  I need to redo our family stockings for my mom (I've got them cut out and pinned, just need to sew and then do the felt cuffs).  Then I've got the bath wrap for my dad (which is cut out), pajamas for my nephew, and then pajama pants and a nightgown for my cousin's kids. 

After that, it's finishing other in progress / cut out projects, which might get worked on if I need a break from the wise men.  I've got two jumpers for my cousin that just need the shoulder buttons.  Brown leggings cut out for me.  Lining the top section of my new workout leggings, they're done but the fabric is rather more see thru than is acceptable so that needs fixed.  1930s Paris vest, I finished the skirt but the vest is still mostly cut out.  I bought more fabric so I can finish it since I ran short.  I also have my mid 19th century chemise and drawers cut out but those aren't a major priority.

Actually, the undergarments might need to be a priority, my deadline to finish that outfit (undergarments, hoop crinoline, and dress) is early April, which is only a little more than four months away...

Rest of my to do list (roughly) in order of importance:

1. Sweater fleeced hooded cardigan: Fabric is prewashed and pattern purchased, haven't started yet. I obviously need this for the winter so it needs to get done sooner rather than later.
2. T-shirts:  I bought myself more knit the other day -- black and grey striped, cream, purple/pink (there was a remnant left, took that to make mini-me a matching tshirt), and grey and navy striped. And a green knit remnant for mini-me.  I just want more actually wearable tshirts.  Then I could get rid of some of the lower cut ones and older ones that I have now.
3. Jeans from a Burda download pattern: fabric prewashed and pattern printed but not put together. Obviously having another pair of jeans that (hopefully) fit is a priority.

Recently finished projects:

1. Penguin hooded jumper and two tshirts for my little cousin.

2. T-shirt for myself. And I love love LOVE that pattern.  The neck is high enough, the sleeves are long enough and the shirt length is practically perfect.  Which is why I bought more fabric for more t-shirts. :)
3. Workout leggings (kind of since they still need work to be wearable in public)
4. 1930s Paris print skirt.

Other projects in pretty much no order of importance:

1. I'm thinking a coordinating workout top, out of left overs plus a remnant I picked up.
2. Cinderella dress
3. 1930s dress
4. Simplicity knit dress
5. Another scrub top for my mom.
6. Slips -- I need these by spring/summer at the latest
7. Wrap sweater from a Burda download pattern
8. Bought a 1970s reprint Simplicity skirt pattern that I think would be perfect for the denim skirt I was wanting to make.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Winter Sewing Plans

Vacation sewing is done, and I'm all packed! I head to my parents' after work today and then Mom and I are on the road again in the morning.

I actually finished my sewing last Friday, and then made my mom a new scrub top:

Mama's new scrub top.  The Force is strong in my family.

Then I was bored so I turned my attention to fall and winter sewing plans.  This was prompted by someone I follow on Instagram: sewhotmommi.  Last week she posted a picture of patterns and fabric that she is planning to sew for the fall and winter.  I loved the idea! Here's what I came up with:

From left to right, top to bottom we have:

1. Civil War undergarments.  I've decided that I need a complete mid 19th century outfit by Symposium next year, so I have until April.  Up first are finishing the hoop, and making a chemise and drawers and then petticoat.

2. Cinderella dress! I found Cinderella only print cotton at Joanns recently and couldn't resist it.  She's my favorite! I'm thinking the same 1950s pattern I used for my yellow Easter dress a couple years ago, but with sleeves (of course) and probably a white or other solid colored collar.

3. Leggings.  Because I always need leggings. I actually finished a pair of bright blue ones I started last year!

4. Work out clothes.  I fell in love with one of McCalls new patterns, that has a hoodie and awesome pieced workout leggings so I picked up some microfleece from the remnant bin to try out the hoodie pattern.  It's currently in progress, and will be finished post-vacation.  I have some brown knit that will either be these leggings or just the plain leggings from #3

5. Another scrub top for my mom.

6. Winter coat! This is the next project I plan to tackle post vacation because I need it the most.

7. 1930s skirt out of a black Paris print cotton I picked up several months ago.

8. 1930s vest to go with the Star Wars 1930s skirt I already have.  If I like it, I may make more vests.

9. 1930s dress.  When I took this picture I wasn't sure what fabric to use, but now I'm thinking it might be the Tardis print lurking in my stash...

10. Tshirts! This is another priority.  I need some more good layering tshirts, especially since I have decided to stay covered to my elbows.  Elbow length tshirts are one of my favorites and I've decided just to learn to make them myself.

11. I couldn't resist this knit dress pattern from Simplicity, no fabric for it yet.

12. Christmas gift for my dad -- a bath wrap for after he showers.  I just happened to find a pattern for one in my stash.  Who knows how long it's been there! lol

13. and 14. Sewing for my little cousin! Her mom (my first cousin) picked out some patterns she liked and I hit up the remnant bins for some fabric.  Oh the joys of sewing for a toddler! :)  I've finished the hooded fleece dress from the first pattern, and the tshirt from the second, the jumper from the second just needs the buttons on the shoulders.

15, 16, and 17 are all jumper patterns I've made before that I may tackle again.

18. I would like slips to wear with a few dresses but they're expensive! So I'm going to try making my own.

Not pictured: I just downloaded two BurdaStyle patterns during their 50% off sale on the first day of fall: a wrap sweater and denim trousers.  I've been wanting a wrap sweater for a while, and I really need to learn to make jeans because it's IMPOSSIBLE to find ones that fit me.  But I've had no luck patternwise because I want high waisted not skinny jeans.  These look like a good bet.  Plus, they're 1970s, which is in this season.

I obviously need to pick up some more fabric (I should make a list just in case we end up in any fabric stores during vacation...) but I have a good start, just from my stash!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Vacation Sewing Update

Well, I leave for vacation in a week.  Technically, we don't leave til Saturday morning but since my car will be loaded up on Friday to head to my parents' after work, I'm saying that I leave in a week.

I finished my hooded knit dress:

And the Burda dress (nicknamed "Flower Power") is almost done, I just need to do a little decorative stitching around the hem.

I changed a few things, I didn't gather the sleeves at all, just sewed the cuffs on. They also don't have cords and tassels, they're just plain cuffs.  And I changed the directions, because I didn't agree with how the sleeves were done.

So all that's left is the tiered peasant skirt to wear with a funky hippie top that I have.  It's started, just need to get it finished.  I might even be able to finish all that tonight, if not I can definitely do it tomorrow. 

In other words, I don't think that I'm doing too shabby on vacation preparations at the moment.  Finish those projects, do some laundry, pack, hit the grocery for a couple items...It'll be a busy weekend, but it's all totally doable. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vacation Sewing!

1960s wrap dress out of Pepsi fabric DONE

Swimsuit using a recent McCalls pattern - DONE

Hooded knit dress - in progress

Hooded sweater for my mom - DONE

Two shrugs from TanitIsis' free pattern, one black, one white - pretty much DONE (although I should probably put closures on them)

I've been a little busy :D

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Vacation Wardrobe

As previously mentioned, this year's summer vacation wardrobe is going to be mainly 1960s.  I keep saying that "I'm going for a funky 1960s vibe".  Some of which will be more fall type clothing than summer, because we are going to Missouri and Arkansas the end of September / early October.  We'll be in the mountains. It could be pretty chilly.

What I'm already planning on taking:

Two dresses from this pattern:

                  My Zodiac dress and my Bird dress:

The pink shift I made from a vintage pattern found at my Grandma Katie's house:

The Dalek dress:

Planning wise, here's what I'm thinking:

The hooded dress in a funky print.  The Jiffy wrap dress in a Pepsi print on one side, solid blue on the other (I've already started this).  I'm going to see if I can maybe do a little jacket using the bodice of the first pattern, otherwise I'll probably have to make a couple shrugs -- One black, one white.  That should go with pretty much everything.  As well as keep my upper arms covered, even if it's not chilly.

I also downloaded this dress from Burda.  I'm going to lengthen it, and I ordered a Gertie fabric from Joanns for it. 


I'll probably need at least another dress, I'm thinking either another Simplicity 3833 or maybe even the new Simplicity 1012.    Or maybe even Simplicity 1059.

Summer Projects Completed before 8/26/2015

1. Modded a pair of jeans that I never wore into a knee length denim pencil skirt.  Used some black poly cotton for a little back center godet to ensure I could walk.

2. Dalek print 1960s dress.  I attempted sleeves but just went sleeveless when they weren't working.  Pattern: Simplicity 3833, fabric was from the Doctor Who line Joanns has been carrying.

3. High waisted leopard print shorts.  I made them to wear to a wrestling show in honor of one of my favorite divas, Carmella, but I've been working on dressing modestly so they may never get worn again.

4. A funky knit dress with kimono sleeves and a drapey neckline.  I fell in love with the fabric on the clearance table and found a pattern that would work.  I should make more knit things, because it was so freaking easy!

5. Reused my funky caftan pattern (the zodiac dress I made last year) to make a dress that matches a skirt I made my mom in a bird print shirting.  I didn't have enough for a full length dress, so it's around my knees.  The other issue is that directional fabric doesn't work for that pattern.  I have upside down birds on my back.  I should've done a solid bodice, but c'est la vie!

6. A little dress for my cousin's youngest, aka my mini me, in purple butterfly print cotton. 

7. Speedy from Arrow cosplay consumed most of my summer.  It was for Chicago Comic Con which was last weekend and involved: altering a pattern, quilting pleather, spray painting eyelets and a bow, making a quiver... Told it was consuming!!

8. And I put the binding on a baby quilt that my cousin made.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 Completed Projects as of May 7, 2015

1. Harley Quinn dress: stash pattern and thread, gift fabric, purchased black solid and buttons and zipper

2. Taking in a tshirt so it has a more feminine fit

3. Reversible Pepsi print apron for my papa: purchased fabric that I couldn't resist, stash pattern

4. Pepsi print 1930s skirt for myself: purchased fabric, I think the pattern was already in my stash

5. Butterfly dress for my grandmother's funeral: purchased fabric and thread, stash pattern and belt buckle

6. Crazy sewing project for ISS: stash almost everything, I think the only think I purchased were the closures for the jacket and the muslin to flatline the skirt.

What Miss Wilde Wore at the International Steampunk Symposium

Friday evening, representing the Archon in black and gold.
Friday night, Edwardian underwear
Saturday morning, crazy sewing project
Side view, crazy sewing project (I need a better nickname)
Saturday afternoon to early morning Sunday, Victorian bathing suit. I did add a corset over it for the parties.
Sunday, The Governess. Pictured here with Sigmund and the lovely Leanna Renee Hieber. I heart her so much.