Friday, December 11, 2015

2015 Completed Projects - As of December 30 2015 (EDITED)

  1. Harley Quinn dress (January)
  2. Took in a tshirt for a more feminine fit. (January)
  3. Reversible Pepsi print apron for my father
  4. 1930s Pepsi print skirt for myself
  5. 1950s butterfly funeral dress and jacket (March)
  6. 1880s brown and cream bustle ensemble (April)
  7. Modded denim jeans into a skirt (May)
  8. 1960s Dalek print dress
  9. High waisted leopard print shorts (June)
  10. Knit dress with kimono sleeves and a drapey neckline
  11. Bird dress
  12. Purple butterfly dress for my little cousin
  13. Speedy cosplay from Arrow (August)
  14. Bound two small quilts for my cousin
  15. 1960s wrap dress out of Pepsi fabric (September)
  16. Retro style swimsuit (September)
  17. Hooded snake dress (September)
  18. Hooded cardigan for my mom (September) 
  19. Two retro style shrugs (September)
  20. Flower power dress (September)
  21. Tiered purple and green skirt (September)
  22. Star Wars scrub top for my mom (September)
  23.  Cream microfleece hoodie (October)
  24. Finished blue leggings started last year
  25. Tshirts for my little cousin: grey, pink, white.
  26. Jumpers / dresses for my little cousin: pink hooded fleece dress, penguin hooded jumper, purple flannel jumper, Disney princess flannel jumper, Frozen jumper
  27. Grey and pink striped tshirt (November)
  28. 1930s Paris print skirt (November)
  29. Super quick and easy Christmas print cotton skirt (November)
  30. Recovered the family Christmas stockings (November)
  31. Hooded sweater fleece cardigan (November)
  32. Pink and aqua workout leggings (December)
  33. Bath wrap for my dad for Christmas (December)
  34. Brown leggings (December)
  35. Coral corduroy 'jacket' (December)
  36. Three wise men costumes for the church musical (December) 
  37. Winter coat (December) 
  38. Pajamas for my nephew for Christmas (December) 
  39. Two tshirts for myself, one cream, one purple (December)
  40. Mid 19th century aka American Civil War chemise and drawers to go with the corset I made earlier this year (December) 
  41. Hooded tshirt from fabric left over from making my mom a hooded cardigan (December) 
For those of you playing along at home, that's 52 projects for the year. 

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