Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 To Do List

Civil War sewing:  I at least need to get the undergarments and the plaid day dress finished for the Symposium, which is at the beginning of April:
  1. Finish the undergarments, the corset chemise and drawers are done, just have the hoop and petticoat to go 
  2. Cream plaid day dress 
  3. Plaid ballgown (maybe) 
  4. Garibaldi blouse and skirt.
Other Eras / Steampunk
  1. The green and blue sari bustle gown that I started for Teslacon 2014 - Symposium?
  2. Finish gold pencil skirt - Symposium?
  3. Edwardian undergarments in black and cream

Regular clothes
  1. Jeans (priority)
  2. Pajamas for my cousins kids (priority)
  3. Shirt for my brother - before his birthday in February
  4. Gifts for BayMella 
  5. New blouse to wear with my drindl. 
  6. 1930s vests 
  7. 1970s denim skirt 
  8.  1940s blouse and trousers. 
  9. Cinderella dress - Easter dress?
  10. Star wars dress 
  11. Work out clothes.    
  12. Another scrub top for my mom. 
  13. 1930s dress.  
  14. knit dress 
  15. Slips 
  16. Wrap sweater - by spring
  17. T shirts and leggings for my little cousin (priority)
  18. T shirts for myself (priority since they're already cut out)
  19. Knickerbockers
  1. A quilt commission for a friend 
  2. Work on my charm quilt 
  3. I'd also like to start doing some piecing for a Civil War quilt
Fabric I have that I should do something with:
  1. Plaid taffeta (maybe Civil War ballgown) 
  2. Pink on pink stripe 
  3. Green on white and white on white stripe

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