Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 Make Nine

So in my internet travels, I have discovered this wondrous thing called #2016makenine.  Of course, I had to get in on the fun!  I went through my to do list and picked out nine patterns (eight of which are things I've never made, and the ninth, well...I technically already made it in 2016 so it still counts, right?)

Anyways, here's what I came up with:

  1. McCalls 7153: 1930s dress in Tardis fabric
  2. Simplicity 0311: a knit dress pattern that I couldn't resist
  3. Burda 6964: slips because I'm convinced that I can make them cheaper than I can buy them
  4. Civil War outfit: the pattern I posted on Instagram was Truly Victorian's 1860s Darted Bodice, but I'm in the midst of creating the entire ensemble from the skin out.
  5. Butterick 6295: more workout clothes, I'm in love with this pattern because the pants have a pocket!
  6. Burda 6874: my brother has requested a button up shirt for his birthday
  7. BurdaStyle knickerbockers I just really love this pattern, it's been on my list for while, I just have no clue what to make them out of or what to wear it with
  8. BurdaStyle 1970s-esque denim trousers: I made a pair already this year and I LOVE them. I need more. The pair I made were in stretch denim, I'm thinking maybe some corduroy...
  9. BurdaStyle wrap cardigan This is in progress, in a lightweight navy slightly slubbed knit 
Obviously, there's a lot more than this on my to do list for this year, but I looked at the Make Nine idea as making things you haven't made before, trying out new patterns, trying out new techniques, setting some sewing goals, that kind of thing.  The Tardis dress will be challenging, because of the bias layout.  I'm still learning to sew with knits (this covers like half the list lol).  I've never made a slip or any kind of modern undergarment before.  The Civil War is a new era for me.  A button up shirt is definitely a challenge.  Learning to sew jeans was a goal I set for this year.  

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