Friday, June 3, 2016

2016 Sewing Plans and Make Nine Update as of Early June

As usual, my sewing plans from the end of last year haven't been going as ... planned.  But I did make a lot of the regular clothes that I wanted to!  I just haven't been feeling historical this year apparently.
Civil War sewing:  I at least need to get the undergarments and the plaid day dress finished for the Symposium, which is at the beginning of April: UPDATE pretty  much nothing has happened except finishing the hoop.
  1. Finish the undergarments, the corset chemise and drawers are done, just have the hoop and petticoat to go UPDATE June: Hoop is finished.
  2. Cream plaid day dress 
  3. Plaid ballgown (maybe) 
  4. Garibaldi blouse and skirt.
Other Eras / Steampunk UPDATE June : absolutely no progress on any of these
  1. The green and blue sari bustle gown that I started for Teslacon 2014 - Symposium?
  2. Finish gold pencil skirt - DONE
  3. Edwardian undergarments in black and cream
Regular clothes: UPDATE June This is apparently my thing this year!
  1. Jeans (priority) UPDATE June: DONE
  2. Pajamas for my cousins kids (priority) UPDATE June: DONE
  3. Shirt for my brother - before his birthday in February UPDATE June: It's started!
  4. Gifts for BayMella 
  5. New blouse to wear with my drindl. 
  6. 1930s vests Update JUNE: made one
  7. 1970s denim skirt UPDATE June: DONE
  8.  1940s blouse and trousers. 
  9. Cinderella dress - Easter dress? UPDATE June: DONE
  10. Star wars dress  UPDATE June: DONE
  11. Work out clothes. UPDATE June: I have made some, but should totally make more.
  12. Another scrub top for my mom. UPDATE June: DONE (several times!)
  13. 1930s dress.  UPDATE June: in progress
  14. knit dress 
  15. Slips UPDATE June: DONE (one at least!)
  16. Wrap sweater - by spring UPDATE June: DONE
  17. T shirts and leggings for my little cousin (priority) UPDATE June: DONE
  18. T shirts for myself (priority since they're already cut out) UPDATE June: DONE
  19. Knickerbockers
Quilting: UPDATE June -- worked on the charm quilt (at least cutting out squares) and started cutting out pieces for the Civil War quilt as a present for my parents
  1. A quilt commission for a friend 
  2. Work on my charm quilt 
  3. I'd also like to start doing some piecing for a Civil War quilt
Fabric I have that I should do something with: UPDATE June -- haven't touched any of this
  1. Plaid taffeta (maybe Civil War ballgown) 
  2. Pink on pink stripe 
  3. Green on white and white on white stripe   
AND a Make Nine update (some of which overlaps above) -- I've finished four of the nine, plus I'm currently working on a fifth and a sixth, so I'm gonna say I'm half done with my Make Nine!
  1. McCalls 7153: 1930s dress in Tardis fabric UPDATE June: Almost DONE
  2. Simplicity 0311: a knit dress pattern that I couldn't resist UPDATE June: haven't touched
  3. Burda 6964: slips because I'm convinced that I can make them cheaper than I can buy them UPDATE June: DONE It was superduper easy and only took like a yard of fabric plus some foldover elastic.  Haven't worn it yet though.
  4. Civil War outfit: the pattern I posted on Instagram was Truly Victorian's 1860s Darted Bodice, but I'm in the midst of creating the entire ensemble from the skin out. UPDATE June: Hoop is done, but nothing else
  5. Butterick 6295: more workout clothes, I'm in love with this pattern because the pants have a pocket! UPDATE June: Haven't touched
  6. Burda 6874: my brother has requested a button up shirt for his birthday UPDATE June: in progress. The plan is to have it ready for him to try on on Father's Day
  7. BurdaStyle knickerbockers I just really love this pattern, it's been on my list for while, I just have no clue what to make them out of or what to wear it with UPDATE June: Haven't touched (I've been unable to find fabric I like)
  8. BurdaStyle 1970s-esque denim trousers: I made a pair already this year and I LOVE them. I need more. The pair I made were in stretch denim, I'm thinking maybe some corduroy... UPDATE June: Still haven't made another pair but I really should because I STILL love them
  9. BurdaStyle wrap cardigan This is in progress, in a lightweight navy slightly slubbed knit UPDATE June: DONE

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Finished Projects - May

  1. Purple dragonfly seersucker dress with popover. Purchased fabric, pattern and zipper; stash thread. (May 9th)
    Dress worn with a white shrug, the popover wasn't finished in time for church
  2. Yellow and cream jacket, commissioned by a friend (May 17th)
    Same pattern as my French terry hoodie, but no hood and with cream lace layover on the back and appliqued on the sleeves
  3. French terry tank top and skirt.  Fabric was left over from my hoodie and pants, purchased pattern.(May 15th)
    Just the skirt!  McCalls has this Learn to Sew line that I'm kind of in love with for quick and easy projects.
  4. Lane Raglan rashguard.  Purchased fabric, some fabric was stash, some was purchased.     (May 23rd)
    The paisley is actually super bright obnoxious colors, but it didn't photograph very well.
  5. Blue-green Plantain shirt, Deer and Doe pattern.  Free pattern, purchased fabric and thread. (May 30th)
  6. A pair of Lady Shorts from some left over knit.  Free pattern, stash fabric and thread, purchased elastic. (May 20th)
  7. Kilt for my dad from an old pair of jeans.  (May 28th)
  8. Black poly-cotton scrub jacket for my mom.  Purchased fabric and pattern, stash thread.     (May 29th)
    Cutting out the scrub top, shown with the purple dragonfly dress
  9. Slip from a Burda pattern. Purchased pattern, thread and fabric.  (May 29th)
  10. Deer and Doe Bruyere shirt. Purchased everything. (May 4th)
    The pattern needs a lot of changes before I make another. The waist, sleeves and back are all a little tight, so I retraced almost the entire pattern in a larger size, and also lengthened the bottom and the sleeves.  But I still love this one!