Wednesday, November 9, 2016

October Finished Projects

  1. More underwear! Leftover fabric, free pattern, purchased elastic. (Two pairs on October 2, one on October 8) I'm really enjoying making myself underwear out of leftover knit from other projects.  I really need to try to make a bra next...
  2. Pink workout pants that I started a couple years ago and never finished.  Used my standard McCalls leggings pattern, but shortened them to capri length.  Purchased fabric and elastic, stash thread. (October 6)
  3. Black leggings.  Again, standard McCalls leggings pattern, purchased fabric and elastic, stash thread. (October 6)
    Black leggings with the shirt from #6
  4. 1970s fall floral corduroy jumper.  Purchased fabric and pattern (one of the seventies vintage ones I bought earlier this year), stash thread and hook and eyes. (October 11)
  5. Scrub top for my mom.  Stash pattern that I've made her several times, purchased fabric. (October 15)
  6. Striped Deer and Doe Bruyere.  Purchased fabric and pattern (but it's the second time using the pattern, does it count as stash?) and pearl snaps. Also used some stash black solid fabric and stash thread.  The main body and sleeves are striped, but I used black for the collar, cuffs, waistband and button placket for a variety of reasons: to break up the stripes, didn't have enough stripes and to save me from trying to pattern match. (October 18) 
    I did the back yoke with the stripes running the opposite direction for both prettyness and so I didn't have to match the pattern.
    French seamed the sleeves!  I need to always do this because it was easy and a flawless finish.
    French seamed the sleeves! 
    Last stage of the French seams.
  7. Finally finished my brother's navy button up shirt!  Purchased everything, except maybe thread. (October 20)
  8. Purple on purple print Lane raglan tshirt.  Purchased fabric, I'm calling the pattern stash, and stash thread.  The neckline got a bit stretched out so I'm not super happy with it.  I'm not sure if its a pattern issue and I need to raise the neckline or if it was a fabric issue.  I'm thinking the latter, because the neckline on the other Lane Raglan I made (rashguard) is just fine.  I think this knit was too stretchy for the neck binding. (October 21)  I actually might just end up making another tshirt, not a raglan because it's supposed to go with something else I'm working on and if I don't like the fit, I'll never wear the shirt...
  9. Purple sweatshirt fleece skirt.  Purchased fabric, stash pattern, thread and elastic. I'm still working on the matching hoodie. (October 24)
  10. All cut out!
  11. Blue and red plaid flannel pullover from another 1970s vintage pattern.  Purchased fabric and pattern, stash thread and seam binding. (October 27)
    I figured a vintage pattern deserved vintage seam binding on the hems.