Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fall Winter Sewing Update. Again.

  1. Wise men costumes are basically done.  I just got their head measurements so the hats are still unfinished, but everything else is in my car to pass off to the pastor tonight at choir practice.
  2. Winter coat: Still not finished.  The buttonholes are done, just need to sew on the buttons.
  3. I re-covered the family christmas stockings when I was home for Thanksgiving.  My mom actually helped and did a little hand sewing on a couple of them.  
  4. The bath wrap for my dad is finished. Hopefully it works for him!
  5. I have the fabric and pattern for my nephews pajamas but haven't started them yet.  I went to the other day and realized my pattern was the wrong size so I started something else lol  Now I do have the right size so once I finish the wise men, I'll work on that.
  6. I finished the jumpers for my cousin.  I also fixed the first one I made her and fixed the penguin fleece jumper as well.  I have a little pair of sleep pants that I'm redoing the elastic in, but they're not done yet.
  7. Brown leggings are DONE.
  8. Work out leggings are DONE.
  9. 1930s vest is finally all cut out (I think) but I still haven't started it.
  10. I have however started the American Civil War undergarments.  The chemise is almost finished, just needs a closure! And I've ordered bone casing, hoop connectors as well as bought twill tape.  So I should have all the supplies for the hoop.
  11. Sweater fleece hooded cardigan is DONE  I'm still debating about lengthening the sleeves, they only come to about mid-forearm.  
  12. I cut out a stack of tshirts for myself. 
So here's what I need to work on, in some order of priority:

  1. Finish the wise men costumes 
  2. Finish my winter coat
  3. Finish the jacket I started for myself when I couldn't work on my nephew's pajamas. It's McCalls 7291, I just fell in love and thought a learn to sew pattern would be relatively quick to stitch up. And I found coral colored corduroy which was impossible to resist.
  4. Christmas gift pajamas for my nephew
  5. Tshirts
  6. American Civil War undergarments, including starting the hoop over Christmas break.
  7. Pajamas for my cousin's kids
  8. Paris 1930s vest
  9. Jeans 

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