Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall / Winter Sewing - The Pictures

Some finished projects...

Cream microfleece hoodie, McCalls pattern.  The sleeves are too short, I need to buy a little of the fabric and lengthen them.

Finished tshirts and jumper for my mini-me aka my little cousin
Finished tshirt that I freaking LOVE
In progress:


To do list from the top down: workout clothes (leggings done), wrap sweater, workout clothes, tshirts (done), some quilting stash addition, the pink is satin that was part of my coat (facing and hood lining), denim for jeans, terrycloth for dad's Christmas gift, and sweater fleece.
 Wise men:

Coat Progress:

Starting to put it together...
Putting the lining together...
Time to start putting all the pieces together...
Letting the hem settle...

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