Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall/Winter Sewing Update -- Trying to Prioritize

The current priority is making three wise men costumes for the church musical.  I honestly wanted to say no when I was asked, but then I thought "God gave me this talent, I should use it FOR Him." So I'm making them.  The worship pastor seems thrilled and keeps bragging to the choir about me making the costumes so I guess I'm doing alright with them so far. lol

Current status: Both collars are at the hand-sewing portion for the trimmings as well as the Velcro closures (might machine that actually).  Both belts are cut out.  One tunic and one coat are cut out, not for the same wise man of course.  Two tunics will be cotton, those will wait til Thanksgiving because I need to iron the fabric first and I don't have the ability to iron several yards of fabric at my place, my ironing board is too small.  In total I need to make: two collars, two belts, three tunics, two coats, one cape, a crown, a fez, and a turban.

After that, finishing my winter coat is probably the next priority.  It just needs the buttons and buttonholes.  I'm actually wearing it unfinished, I figured I can either belt it or just wear it open. 

After that, Christmas projects are probably the next priority.  I need to redo our family stockings for my mom (I've got them cut out and pinned, just need to sew and then do the felt cuffs).  Then I've got the bath wrap for my dad (which is cut out), pajamas for my nephew, and then pajama pants and a nightgown for my cousin's kids. 

After that, it's finishing other in progress / cut out projects, which might get worked on if I need a break from the wise men.  I've got two jumpers for my cousin that just need the shoulder buttons.  Brown leggings cut out for me.  Lining the top section of my new workout leggings, they're done but the fabric is rather more see thru than is acceptable so that needs fixed.  1930s Paris vest, I finished the skirt but the vest is still mostly cut out.  I bought more fabric so I can finish it since I ran short.  I also have my mid 19th century chemise and drawers cut out but those aren't a major priority.

Actually, the undergarments might need to be a priority, my deadline to finish that outfit (undergarments, hoop crinoline, and dress) is early April, which is only a little more than four months away...

Rest of my to do list (roughly) in order of importance:

1. Sweater fleeced hooded cardigan: Fabric is prewashed and pattern purchased, haven't started yet. I obviously need this for the winter so it needs to get done sooner rather than later.
2. T-shirts:  I bought myself more knit the other day -- black and grey striped, cream, purple/pink (there was a remnant left, took that to make mini-me a matching tshirt), and grey and navy striped. And a green knit remnant for mini-me.  I just want more actually wearable tshirts.  Then I could get rid of some of the lower cut ones and older ones that I have now.
3. Jeans from a Burda download pattern: fabric prewashed and pattern printed but not put together. Obviously having another pair of jeans that (hopefully) fit is a priority.

Recently finished projects:

1. Penguin hooded jumper and two tshirts for my little cousin.

2. T-shirt for myself. And I love love LOVE that pattern.  The neck is high enough, the sleeves are long enough and the shirt length is practically perfect.  Which is why I bought more fabric for more t-shirts. :)
3. Workout leggings (kind of since they still need work to be wearable in public)
4. 1930s Paris print skirt.

Other projects in pretty much no order of importance:

1. I'm thinking a coordinating workout top, out of left overs plus a remnant I picked up.
2. Cinderella dress
3. 1930s dress
4. Simplicity knit dress
5. Another scrub top for my mom.
6. Slips -- I need these by spring/summer at the latest
7. Wrap sweater from a Burda download pattern
8. Bought a 1970s reprint Simplicity skirt pattern that I think would be perfect for the denim skirt I was wanting to make.

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