Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Projects Completed before 8/26/2015

1. Modded a pair of jeans that I never wore into a knee length denim pencil skirt.  Used some black poly cotton for a little back center godet to ensure I could walk.

2. Dalek print 1960s dress.  I attempted sleeves but just went sleeveless when they weren't working.  Pattern: Simplicity 3833, fabric was from the Doctor Who line Joanns has been carrying.

3. High waisted leopard print shorts.  I made them to wear to a wrestling show in honor of one of my favorite divas, Carmella, but I've been working on dressing modestly so they may never get worn again.

4. A funky knit dress with kimono sleeves and a drapey neckline.  I fell in love with the fabric on the clearance table and found a pattern that would work.  I should make more knit things, because it was so freaking easy!

5. Reused my funky caftan pattern (the zodiac dress I made last year) to make a dress that matches a skirt I made my mom in a bird print shirting.  I didn't have enough for a full length dress, so it's around my knees.  The other issue is that directional fabric doesn't work for that pattern.  I have upside down birds on my back.  I should've done a solid bodice, but c'est la vie!

6. A little dress for my cousin's youngest, aka my mini me, in purple butterfly print cotton. 

7. Speedy from Arrow cosplay consumed most of my summer.  It was for Chicago Comic Con which was last weekend and involved: altering a pattern, quilting pleather, spray painting eyelets and a bow, making a quiver... Told it was consuming!!

8. And I put the binding on a baby quilt that my cousin made.


  1. I like your dalek dress. I came across your blog because I just made a dress with the same fabric and was looking for ideas on what notions to use. I am also and attorney and into geneology. Too funny.

    1. That is pretty funny! How did your dress turn out?