Monday, January 16, 2012

Gypsy Steampunk: The Corset - Photos

A few progress photos of the corset:

How the corset started out. This is the interior of the corset, to show how the back will look.

And the exterior to show how the front will look.

The corset after the trim, zipper and boning were applied. This is how the front will look, an underbust.

The back view, same stage of corset making.

The corset with the front fastened, same stage of corset-making.

A close up of one of the buckles

Front view of finished corset. Trust me, its a lot more flattering on an actual body.

Close up of the corset, to show the trim, binding and buckles.

Corset details:

Patterns used - This was definitely franken-patterned. The front, underbust portion was from my own underbust waist cincher pattern, which I think began life as a McCalls corset pattern. The high back portion was the back of a bodice pattern with a side back seam added. The sides were from another corset top pattern.

Fabrics and notions used: Remnant of teal silk dupioni, denim, lightweight cotton and black broadcloth. A black separating zipper which I shortened. Layered black pleather trim with eyelets over brown quilt binding from my stash. Bound in faux brown silk that was used in the crazy quilt skirt that will be worn with this corset. The buckles were purchased at Joanns. I used plastic cable ties for the boning. Eyelets were from the stash and purchased (I ran out) and the laces are a pair of 54" boot laces, black.

Bonus photos!

The last panel of the crazy quilt skirt.

Random piece of old jewelry found in my grandmother's jewelry. My mother and I are operating under the assumption that its a watch fob. Expect it to become a standard piece of my steampunk wardrobe.

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