Monday, January 23, 2012

Ohayocon 2012 Schedule

Friday at 9 pm: Making a Bustle
'Victorian underwear' (bloomers under my cage bustle with a blouse and corset)

Saturday at 11 am: Steampunking the World Around Us
Diamonds are Forever (steampunk Harley Quinn)

Saturday at 2 pm: DC and Marvel comic book photoshoot
Comic book Harley Quinn

Saturday at 5 pm: Steampunk The Basics
Black and Silver plaid with my new overskirt

Sunday at 10 am: Multicultural Steampunk
Lady of the Ottoman Empire

Sunday at 3 pm: Steampunk Personas
Still Lady of the Ottoman Empire

There's also several panels I'm going to try to attend, including some on steampunk and Doctor Who.

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