Thursday, January 19, 2012

Projects in the Pipeline - January 19 2012

As of right now, this is what I've got in the 'pipeline' as it were.
  1. Harley Quinn cuffs - They still need the Velcro and elastic
  2. Star Wars pillowcases for Beau - Cut out and pinned together. I'm using a green / black / white Star Wars flannel with black solid flannel for the flap.
  3. Spiderman pajama pants for myself - Cut out, including pieces of black flannel to lengthen the legs which had to be cut short due to lack of fabric.
  4. Star Wars nightgown for myself - Partially cut out of the green / black / white flannel, the fabric I brought to work with me today only had enough for the skirt front and back and the bodice front. I still have the sleeves and the bodice back left to do out of the fabric left at the house.

Star Wars flannel

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