Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paris Themed Late 1880s Ensemble - Post the First

Still in the planning stages, so these are just kind of my plans right now.


Truly Victorian's 1886 Bordered Asymetrical Overskirt and 1872 Vest Basque Yes, I know, I'm mixing eras, an early bustle bodice probably shouldn't be worn with a late bustle overskirt. However, (1) I don't really like any of the late bustle bodices Truly Victorian has available, except for the French vest. (2) I already own these patterns, so I'm not spending money on the French vest pattern. And (3) It's steampunk, I work on a airship, I can mix eras if I want to.

Since I have no border print to use for the overskirt, I have decided to make my own.


Black and white Paris themed calico: This will be used in strips to make the 'border' of my overskirt. It will also be used for the vest and possibly the collar and cuffs of my basque.

Pink Satin: I have yards (and I do mean yards) of pink satin that was originally bought and used as curtains. My plan is to border it in the Paris print for the overskirt and use it as the main fabric in the basque. If I have enough, I may also make an underskirt, hopefully something more accurate than my current black one which will be the default until a pink one can be made.

Black heavy cotton, I think its target or trigger: This will be the interlining of the basque.

Black broadcloth: This will be the lining of the basque.


I'd like a new hat, but am unsure how to go about it. Neither hat patterns nor buckram frames are very inexpensive. I may look into purchasing a modern hat to use as a base and then decorate it. I want a Victorian-esque hat, not a tiny top hat.

I purchased a Paris pendant (on clearance) and would like to use it somewhere, either as jewelry or as a hat decoration.

Since this pendant has some blue / turquoise, I plan to wear some jewelry I purchased in Paris as a teenager -- a bead and wire necklace and bracelet in silver and turquoise and matching earrings.

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