Friday, January 13, 2012

Progress on January 2012 Sewing To Do List 2 AND Archon Build Day Plans

What I've done so far on my January to do list:
  • Steampunk gypsy corset is almost done: Binding has been made, corset has been bound, just need to finish putting in the eyelets and add my D ring decoration.
  • Bodice for Gemma Fletcher of the Archon: This hasn't been started yet, but she's supposed to get me the stuff today.
  • Harley Quinn collar: Has been topstitched so this is DONE
  • Harley Quinn cuffs: Haven't put the elastic and velcro on yet.
  • Beau's unmentionables bag: Haven't started this either
  • Spiderman pajama pants: Or this.
  • Square overskirt: Almost done! I just need to try it on and sew on a closure. Then its wearable but there's a decorative pocket to do as well.
  • Old concert tshirts throw: Started sewing on new shirts.

What I'm taking to the Archon Build Day plans:
  • The steampunk gypsy corset so I can finish the eyelets
  • Harley Quinn cuffs, elastic and velcro
  • The stuff for Miss Fletcher's bodice so I can get it cut out
  • Probably my square overskirt and the pocket
  • And fabric to cut out some pajama pants projects, Spiderman and Star Wars

Looks like my build day will be busy and well spent! Finishing the corset and the cuffs will be first on my list, followed closely by Miss Fletcher's bodice. The bodice will get priority the rest of the weekend, when I'm back at my sewing machine, since the deadline is a week from today. But if I can't start working on it at the build day, why not cut out other projects?

Tata for now,

Miss Leah J Wilde

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