Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ohayocon 2012 Recap

First up, our panels! As you know, I presented five panels over the weekend. I had three co-panelists: Donnette Carney and Terry Griner of the Archon and Aloysius Fox from the League of Cincinnati Steampunks. They were all invaluable and I love them for helping me out.

All of our panels went well. The basics panel we presented Saturday night was maxed out on attendance, there were people standing along the walls and sitting on the floors once the chairs filled up and it was a large panel room too. The steampunking a non steampunk character panel Saturday morning also had good attendance, we pretty much filled all the chairs in the same room. Our personas panel on Sunday afternoon was in a smaller room, but we filled all the seats including an additional row of chairs the staff brought in, and I think they turned away a few people. The bustle panel as well as the multicultural panel had smaller attendance but were still well received. I think the lack of people was based on the time: Making a Bustle was at 9 pm Friday and Multicultural Steampunk was Sunday morning at 10 am.

Overall, there was some good discussions, a lot of interest, and new friends! I also ran out of all the cards I had packed to hand out with mine and the Airship's info. I've even gotten an email from an attendee! And I was stopped in the hallway by someone who complimented me on the Basics panel.

All four panelists (me, Aloysius, Donnette and Terry) during our Basics panel. Photo by Greg, Donnette's beau.

Me and Aloysius at the Multicultural panel. Photo by Kathleen Smith, one of the panel's attendees.

And now for the costume recap!

Friday afternoon, I threw on my comic book Harley Quinn for a few hours. The new collar worked alright, but I think I need to make the cuffs a little larger, they were hard to fasten and wanted to come unfastened. I ended up safety pinning them closed. The costume still needs improvement (diamonds and shoes) but I think its looking better:

Me with my friend Jesse, who frequently cosplays as one version of Joker or another. Here he's in a steampunk version that I assisted with via email. Photo by Jeremy Manieri, a con-goer.

Friday evening, I wore 'Victorian underwear' for our bustle panel. I wore black stockings and granny boots with my bloomers, cage bustle petticoat, a black lace blouse and my black underbust corset.

A shot of me in my 'underwear' during our Making a Bustle panel. Donnette is wearing a bustle pillow. Another photo by Greg.

Saturday morning and early afternoon, I wore my steampunk Harley Quinn. I don't have any photos, but you've already seen it so its not really that necessary. I do wish I had pictures though, so you could see how cute the little white pompom trim looks.

Saturday evening, I wore my black and silver plaid ensemble, with my new square overskirt. Thankfully, I ran into a photographer friend and purposefully had her take a few pictures for the blog.

Full length front shot. Photo by Christine Brucker.

Full length side shot, that shows how its squared off as well as the bustle poufs. Photo by Christine Brucker.

And a close up of the side shot. Photo by Christine Brucker.

All day Sunday, I was in my Ottoman steampunk aka Lady of the Ottoman Empire. I've had it for a year, but this was the first time I managed to get photos. Again, they were taken by a friend of mine.

A full length shot. Photo by Kevin Swoboda.

And a close up. Photo by Kevin Swoboda.

Overall, I had a decent weekend. My costumes were well received. I hung out with friends I don't get to see all the time, as well as friends I do see more frequently. The panels were a hit.

Next up? The Steampunk Empire Symposium. Tickets are selling out fast, so get them now! And the hotel is already sold out. Aloysius is working on securing a second hotel for attendees.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

PS As it is now Tuesday, and I only have one evening off this week, and my concert is in four days, I believe that my concert throw will have to be stricken from my to do list. :(

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