Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 2012 To Do List

Which is probably overly ambitious, as usual.

First up, I finished piecing the sixth gore of my crazy quilt skirt, so stage one of that is DONE!

Now for the actual to do list:
  • Finish the steampunk gypsy corset. I already put boning down the center back, stitched the boning channels close to the boning by hand and finished basting it. Now all I need to do is make the binding, bind it and put in the eyelets. I may add a few little things, like stitching over the eyelets in pretty thread or adding a few D rings. I have some extra trim that I could use to hang the D rings from. Then I could attach things to them... - Deadline: ASAP
  • Make a bodice for Gemma Fletcher of the Archon. She needs it by the 20th. This should probably be first on my list... - Deadline: January 20
  • Topstitch my new Harley Quinn collar and see if I can add elastic and velcro to my cuffs. - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Make Beau a bag for his closet to keep his unmentionables in. - Whenever it gets done.
  • I'd love to make some Spiderman pajama pants before Ohayocon, either for Beau or for me. I don't know if I have enough fabric to make Beau a pair, but I'm willing to try! - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • Now for what I'd really love to do before Ohayocon: Make my plaid square overskirt. I bought a yard and a half of silver crepe back satin and some black ribbon. I traced out the pattern, which I think sounds relatively easy. I've pulled out the silver lace (that goes over the black ribbon) and some other silver trims to deck out the overskirt with. I also bought a tiny top hat to decorate to wear with it. I'm super excited to work on this, and it may just come before the unmentionables bag and the pajama pants. - Deadline: January 27 (Ohayocon)
  • I have a throw I made from old concert tshirts that I'd like to enlarge with more shirts and back with fleece (temporarily) before I see the band perform on Feb. 4. - Deadline: February 4

Okay, I think that's it for January. Now to see what I can actually accomplish...


  1. What band is it from which you are making a throw?

    That sounds cool!

  2. The All American Rejects. I'm a huge fan. The current throw is like 9 shirts sewn together that I never wore. I wear my others very rarely now so I figured I might as well do something constructive with them.