Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gypsy Steampunk: The Plan

I'm going to wear a white embroidered peasant blouse.

As seen in previous posts, the corset is a vest-like design made from teal silk dupioni and trimmed in black and brown with buckles at the shoulders. All that needs to be done to the corset is the attaching of a couple D rings so I hang things (keys, jewelry, pockets, etc) from the corset.

This is going to have a white broadcloth base and then black ruffles at the bottom that show beneath the crazy quilt skirt. Obviously, I can't really start this until the crazy quilt skirt is done so I get the proper length. The black ruffles are going to be a little random in size and shape as they are left over pieces from other projects. I'm thinking of trimming the ruffles in lace...

As seen in previous posts, the skirt for this costume is crazy quilted. Right now, stage one of the skirt is complete: all six gores have been pieced. Next up is stage two, embroidering over all of the seams where the pieces were put together. Stage three will be assembly - sewing the skirts together - and finishing - adding a waistband and hemming it.

I'm going to wear a headscarf (black trimmed with black lace and purple and teal ribbons) and lots of jewelry. I'm also wearing a coin belt and may be sewing little coins and such onto my clothes, or a scarf to tie around my waist.

So my next step(s) right now, is to finish the corset, talk to my mother about the embroidery and get that started, finish the headscarf and maybe trim out my petticoat ruffles. Once the skirt is finished, I can make the petticoat.

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