Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I probably won't be doing much sewing for a little while. I saw my favorite band over the weekend, and I'm in total scrapbooking mode right now. But don't be surprised if I post some here about the scrapbooking. :)

EDIT 2/9/12: And I apparently need to scrapbook my boyfriend and I because when he saw that I pulled out a stack of scrapbooking supplies and I told him it was all for the Rejects, he totally pouted. So I guess its gonna be a little All American Rejects scrapbooking, a little couple scrapbooking, and repeat.


  1. No complaints from me, I think scrapbooking is sort of like two dimensional sewing....lots of fun with colorful pieces to be arranged in an attatractive, appealing design.

    1. You know, it kinda is like sewing now that you mention it...:)