Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paris Themed Late 1880s Ensemble - Post the Second

Well, my dear readers, I was all set to start on a baby quilt -- my dearest brother is going to be a father later this year, and I am already super excited about becoming an aunt -- but my gender neutral quilt plan was vetoed by my sister in law, so I have to wait another two months until they discover the sex of the baby.

Since I can't work on the quilt yet, I decided I'd start on my Paris gown instead. I purchased some muslin and pattern material (for the bodice). I also picked up some pretty grey taffeta for a new underskirt.

Work done on the Paris gown so far: I cut out the overskirt. I hit a little snafu: the satin I'm using was cut to be used as curtains, so the pieces are only about 2 yards long. I needed more than two yards to cut the back piece because it's supposed to be cut on the fold. Instead I cut it so it'll have a center back seam. Then I ironed the pieces and my Paris cotton print that is going to become the 'border' of the overskirt. I even cut the first piece of the 'border' and pinned it to the edge of one of the back pieces.

Now I'm off to the fabric store for black thread, maybe some pink thread, and hopefully some more grey taffeta (the store yesterday only had two yards, definitely not enough for an underskirt).

A bientot!

UPDATE They didn't have any of the grey taffeta at store #1 yesterday. Tonight after work I'm going to try another store to see if they have any. I might be able to squeeze the skirt out of the two yards I have. The pattern I plan to use calls for a little more than two yards so it may be doable, but I'm only taking that option if I absolutely have to.


  1. Are you planning on wearing your gown to anyplace in particular?

    I think a gender-neutral quilt is an awesome idea! Why? Well, when/if they have a second child of a different gender, they can still use your quilt! Can you imagine, using a bright pink feminine quilt on a boy child? You might have to end up making 2 quilts if they have other kids, making double work for yourself, but, I guess that's okay since you enjoy sewing! LOL!

    Hope you have a safe, nice, and blessed weekend!

  2. If it's finished, to the Steampunk Empire Symposium. Other than that, to other conventions, or steampunk events.

    I can see their point, but I also agree with you about being able to re-use gender neutral.