Monday, February 27, 2012

Paris Themed Late 1880s Ensemble - Post the Third

My new overskirt - Truly Victorian #374 1886 Bordered Asymetrical Overskirt - is DONE except for the closure. I'm not positive that it's going to lay quite right without some assistance, the adding of my own border has altered the drape of the fabric. But we'll see.

The first step of course, was to add the border to the edges of each piece. I sewed the two back pieces together and made two burnouse pleats. Then I moved on to the front piece. Where I hemmed the wrong edge. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I hemmed the wrong edge soon enough to correct the issue. So there's some extra bulk in the waistband. I had some issues with all the pleating involved, but think I finally figured it out.

And then...came the waistband. Sigh. Yeah there were definitely issues there. According to the directions, I was supposed to pleat a huge section of fabric down to fit about three inches of space. I went with a gathering stitch, and then just kinda forced the gathered section to fit that three inches of space.

Up next: trying it on with the bustle and underskirt for fit, then putting on the closure. I'll try to get some pictures of me wearing the new overskirt.

Mistakes I won't make again: I won't hem the wrong edge of the front section. And I'll take out some of the width of the back piece so I'm not forcing a yard of fabric into three inches of waistband.

After the underskirt is done, I'll move on to making the muslin of the bodice.

In other news, I picked up four more yards of grey taffeta. I'm planning a new underskirt, perhaps one that will go with my new square overskirt. But that is not an immediate project.

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