Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MARCon to do list 1

As sad as it may be, I'm going to post my first MARCon to do list. After all, there's only about 10 weeks left until the convention.

Add lace to Miss Dashwood's black cotton bustle

Finish my beau's Joker costume - finishing touches on jacket (buttons etc), pants and vest
  1. trousers: finish the seams
  2. trousers: put on the waistband
  3. trousers: sew on a couple hook and eye closures, or buttons onto the waistband
  4. vest: buy / find lining, buttons
  5. vest: cut out the vest
  6. vest: put it together and do all the button holes and buttons
  7. jacket: buttons and buttonholes
Alterations for the Captain

New bustle for Harley Quinn - I have the muslin and the boning, and I probably have bias tape in my stash I can use for the boning casings as well as something that I can use for the ties.

Embroidered border on my Lady of the Ottoman Empire vest. I also need to see if I can do something more permanent to the bustle, like snaps or hooks or ties. Last time I just safety pinned it and some of them tore through the scarves.

Steampunk Confederate Vivandiere. Sadly, this may not happen.

If possible, a ROTJ Han Solo vest for Kevin.

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