Thursday, March 3, 2011

Corset Commission 4 and other assorted topics

First of all, Bob's corset

Last night after packing a bag to visit my beau's abode, I worked on Bob's corset. I cut out the muslin for the lining, stitched it together, and then stitched it to the corset along the bottom and the center back. Thinking of ensuring strength in the boning casings, I made sure that both seam allowances were facing the same way. Today I realized that I should have followed my usual one seam allowance to the right, one seam allowance to the left. That way, I would have extra strength if I need to bone both sides of each seam. I may go in and clip the muslin along the sewn edge so it can go the other direction.

So the current To do list for Bob's Corset
1. Sew lining to outside along seams, center front and center back, creating boning channels.
2. Insert boning.
3. Sew lining to the outside along the top.
4. Put in the eyelets.
5. Lace!

I'm getting there! I expect this will be done early to mid next week.

Secondly, I had an idea for Lady of the Ottoman Empire. I'm going to embroider my vest. I've found several photos of 19th century Ottoman vests that are completely covered in embroidery. I don't know if I'll have the time or patience for that, but I should be able to manage a nice wide border and perhaps a center back motif. From my research, its going to be a lot of couching down metallic thread (which I've done before, but never in this quantity), probably in silver. I'd like to add some pink and brown to match the rest of the outfit and maybe some beadwork. I'm planning to draw the design out on paper, pin the paper to the vest, stitch through it then tear it off. I found a nice paisley design that I might use for the border...

Civil War costumes

Miss Von Stoup and I have been discussing our Civil War costumes. We have decided to go for the CSA Navy. Our uniforms will consist of a gray jacket and skirt, with black leggings and boots. Decorations have yet to be decided. And we shall wear kepis, I think.

Crazy quilt bustle

I had yet another costume idea -- using scraps to make a crazy quilt bustle. I'm thinking it could be worn with my black underskirt, but I'm unsure yet. We'll have to see if it even happens.

Finally, it is Me Made March

In MMM, you're supposed to wear items that you've made everyday. I think the rule might be two items, but I can't find the original post so... On the first, I forgot about it and just wore pants and a shirt to work. Yesterday, I remembered and wore a brown black and gold plaid 50's style skirt with a black sweater, black belt, blue tank top and tights and black boots. Today I'm in pants and a shirt again. On days when I work both jobs its a bit hard to wear things I've made -- my part time job has a strict dress code and since most of what I make are colorful skirts and doesn't really work. However, I tend to sleep in pajama pants that I've made so that's something at least, right?

Updated to do list
  • Finish Bob's corset
  • Lace trim on Miss Dashwood's bustle (once she buys the lace)
  • Alterations for people once I talk to them
  • I need to finish my beau's Joker costume
  • New bustle and petticoat ruffle for Harley Quinn.
  • Steampunk Confederate costume.
  • Embroider Lady of the Ottoman Empire vest.

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