Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Corset Commission 3 + a Bustle Decision

First off, Bob's fitting last evening went well. The corset fits fine. He expressed concerns about the strength of the fabric so we decided to line it with left over muslin to give it some more structure. I was thinking of cutting the muslin tonight, but was much too tired for it when I finally arrived back at the Shuttle around 10 pm.

To do list for Bob's Corset
1. Cut out the muslin lining.
2. Put the lining together.
3. Stitch the lining to the outside along the bottom.
4. Sew lining to outside along seams, center front and center back, creating boning channels.
5. Insert boning.
6. Sew lining to the outside along the top.
7. Put in the eyelets.
8. Lace!

Secondly, I have finally decided what I am going to do for my new Harley Quinn bustle. I was contemplating purchasing a pattern, but I really feel that I can tackle this one myself. As of now, my plan is to use my standard Victorian underskirt / petticoat pattern (a discontinued Simplicity pattern). I'll shorten it like I did for the HQ petticoat and underskirt and add boning at the back. There are Youtube videos showing how to use the pattern I was planning on purchasing, so I can use that as a reference when making the boning channels and when putting the boning in. I'm thinking of using cable ties for the boning. And I'll probably put a few more bones in than the pattern calls for, so there's more support. I'll have to change it from a back closure to a side closure but I think that will be relatively easy. I plan to purchase white muslin for it, figure that's the cheapest route to go. Might even get the extra wide stuff. And I'm also thinking of putting ruffles on the back, over the bones. But that's a maybe.

So that's gonna be a little bit of a project. I'll probably put the ruffle on the petticoat first, much easier to handle.

Tomorrow I plan to add a hook and eye to my uniform then tackle the fun and exciting world of corsetry!

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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