Sunday, February 27, 2011

Progress on My To Do List aka Corset Commission 3

Last night I...

1. Put a new collar on my Imperial Officer uniform. It just needs a couple hooks and eyes to close it but I don't have any with me so that'll wait til tomorrow or later this week.

I pulled off the old collar and figured out how much I needed to add so it fit right. I cut out two new collars (inside and outside), but I had to cut them in two sections with a back seam -- fabric wasn't big enough to cut on the fold. I stitched the center back seams, then stitched them together at the top and sides. Pinned it into place and tried it on and it was too big. So I marked where it needed to meet in the front and redid the collar, making it a pinch smaller. Pinned and tried it on again and it worked. So the next step was to sew it on, which I did by hand so I could manipulate it easier around the curves. I did a little more tweaking today, but now its just about perfect. Or as perfect as I can get it at least.

2. I put together Bob's corset, except for the eyelets.

Here's all the pieces laying out, the ones on the top are right side down, the ones on the bottom are right side up. This was so I could keep everything straight when I started putting it together.

Here's both sides put together before I put the zipper in. The center is the center front, the sides are the center back of the corset.

And here's the corset with the zipper put in. We're gonna do another fitting, then I'll be making the boning channels, sliding the boning in, finishing the edges and putting in the eyelets. Plus any changes that need done after the fitting. But all in all, I think its coming along well.

3. However, I did not work on the Joker pants this weekend. I meant to, but somehow my Sunday afternoon just disappeared.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde


  1. Where do you get your corset boning/busks? I've got a few waist cinchers in my future and don't like the featherweight junk at the fabric store one bit.

  2. I've never used a busk. This corset was made with a zipper at the front. The boning was cable ties from the hardware store. They seem to work pretty well.