Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Storm = Sewing

I'd actually kind of thought that I'd spend MORE of the day sewing than I did, but...oh well.

My knit tunic is DONE. I used a Simplicity pattern and lengthened it a few inches so that it'd be long enough to cover my bum. I think it turned out well, and Miss Dashwood agrees.

I attempted to start my corduroy skirt but the pattern / fabric would not cooperate. I'm beginning to think its the fabric since I had the same problem with another pattern.

Then I thought I would work on my pink skirt, but realized I probably don't have a zipper so why bother starting it when I can't finish it? And since its going to be a work skirt, I should probably go shopping and pick up thread and a zipper that actually match instead of my usual "oh this is close enough" approach.

I looked at my pretty blue and white cotton print, but since its a pattern that goes selvage to selvage, I need to cut it in half lengthwise to give me enough fabric for the gathered waist skirt, but then its going to be above the knee aka not long enough for work this summer. So I'll need to look through my stash / buy some white or blue solid cotton to make a band at the hem so its long enough.

After three sewing fails, I decided to move on to scrapbooking. Finished a page I'd been working on, added a title to the front page since I recently bought letter stickers for that very purpose, and did another page start to finish.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde
(who is praying that the Companion's Shuttle doesn't lose power because of the ice storm)

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