Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Corset Commission 2 - Starring Bob!!

I was supposed to work my part time job last night, but they called and told me not to come in. While I'll miss the money, its always nice not to work a 13 to 14 hour day. Since I was unexpectedly off work, I let Bob know that we could do his fitting last night instead of waiting for today.

As expected, the corset was a bit large. We decided to remove the back panel completely to allow for better lacing. We also decided to split the side back and side front panels in half to allow for more shaping and more structure once the boning is put in. The corset also needed to be lengthened (which did not surprise me at all. I probably should have lengthened it more originally) so we decided to add enough to the top of the corset to reach the top of the zipper, which was overhanging by at least two inches.

With all this decided, Bob headed home and I set to work. I took apart the corset, separating the side panels into two and ripping out all the seams. I left one half intact because I didn't need it for the new pattern. Next I started adding to the top of each piece. Using the piece of muslin that had been pinned to the top of the front piece during our fitting and the zipper as a guide, I pinned scraps of muslin to the top of each pattern piece. I made sure that the curves of the pattern matched up as I did this. In the end, I had a nice muslin pattern for the corset. Granted I probably should've sewn the extensions onto the original pieces, but that just seemed like extra unnecessary work.

Here's what the completed pattern looked like --

I went ahead and cut it out of the pleather as well. I just laid the pieces down and held them into place -- I don't like leaving pin holes in pleather. Plus, pleather is rather difficult to even get a pin through so... When cutting out I added a little to the top and bottom of each piece to allow for turning under once everything is finished.

I'm planning to get this stitched together tonight. Then we plan to have another fitting before I start adding boning and eyelets for lacing. I'll probably just baste in the zipper for the fitting.

In other news, I submitted my photos for my 501st application. *fingers crossed*

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

PS I updated my most recent completed projects post with a photo of my Kermit pajama pants!

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