Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall / Winter Sewing Plans

Now that Dragon*Con has come and gone, it is time to start planning my fall and winter sewing.

First of all, I recently received the news that I will be leaving the Companion's Shuttle and moving to other quarters aboard the airship (perhaps into my beau's?). Obviously, I will not be starting or working on any projects until this move is completed.

There are four things I'd like to focus on over the next several months: 'normal' sewing for my wardrobe; working on an 18th century costume; working on a Mara Jade costume; and finally sewing for Miss Von Stoup.

(1) Wardrobe sewing: I'd like some new, professional but fun, clothes for work. I definitely want to make Simplicity 3673, which is already in my pattern stash. I'm thinking a cute plaid that would coordinate with a few of my blouses. I'm also tempted to use the same pattern to do a high waisted skirt with suspenders, a skirt that could be worn to work or as part of a steampunk costume. There's a cute little retro dress pattern (New Look 6000) that I really love and would like to make, maybe out of a nice suiting. And I have a skirt I start several months ago that I'd like to finish. Also, I'm sure I have several UFOs (unfinished objects) that I could finish as well. I may actually work on some of the UFOs over the next few weeks before I move. EDIT I remembered that I have some wide wale corduroy in a teal blue color. I'm thinking it would work for the jumper or for the high waisted skirt.

(2) 18th century costume: I am dying to make and wear a robe a l'anglaise. Of course, the first thing I need to do is make a pair of stays. Thankfully, Butterick has a pattern that is rumored to be fairly accurate so I can at least get one inexpensive pattern. I know I can make a petticoat without a pattern, and probably the chemise as well. Once the underwear is done, I'll move on to making the actual robe a l'anglaise. No idea what I'm going to use to make any of this, by the way.

(3) Sewing for Miss Von Stoup: I still have several lengths of fabric to use to make her some new costumes. Black and silver damask for a polonaise (probably), some more of the Asian print and of the cream,...that may be it.

(4) Mara Jade: I really need to buckle down and just make this costume, I just dread sewing with stretch material as well as doing the quilting and piping.

PS This may sound strange but I really want to make a Christmas steampunk outfit. Elf-punk? I have an old Christmas table cloth that I'm dying to make into a bustle. Its all white and red and green and has this awesome fringe on it. And I already have a red corset I could wear with it...

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