Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sewing Progress!

The petticoat: Is almost done. The black ruffle is attached, hemmed and even has a decorative stitch in white around the hem. I need to reinforce the yoke (I think the petticoat is too heavy for just a one layer yoke), redo the waistband, and add a hook and eye and then it'll be done. I've nicknamed it the 'petticoat of doom' because there is so much fabric involved.

The Basque: I finished cutting out the lining and started putting it together. I got the lining sewn together, the outer fabric sewn together, the sleeves sewn together in both lining and satin, the cuffs sewn together and the collar sewn together. Next up is assembling all the pieces. And fixing the lining because I somehow sewed one front upside down.

The blanket: Is put together. All I have to do is blanket stitch the edges. I need to buy some embroidery floss I think.

The playsuit: Is well on the way to being done. The bodice front is together and lined. The bodice side backs are lined. The legs of the playsuit are put together. I need to sew channels on the back, insert the elastic, finish putting the bodice together, attach the bodice to the legs and then insert the zipper.

I actually feel like I just might be able to finish all this on time...This afternoon I'm going to call for an estimated time for getting Fern back.

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