Monday, April 2, 2012

April To Do List -- My Deadlines are Approaching!

April To Do List:
  • Gyspy steampunk by April 27th for Steampunk Empire Symposium
  • Paris steampunk by April 27th for Steampunk Empire Symposium
  • Playsuit / skirt combo by May 3rd for Florida trip

Current progress:

Roma Steampunk (the Captain berated me yesterday for using the term 'gypsy')

  • The crazy quilt skirt is DONE. I finished the hem and tacked down the closure opening at Build Day yesterday and sewed a closure on after I got home.
  • The petticoat is approaching being finished: The hem and lace are pinned and ready to be sewn. By hand since my sewing machine is in the shop.
  • And the headscarf is done, unless I decide to tack some trim on.

Paris Steampunk

  • The bodice is mainly cut out and the interlining and outer layer have been basted together. I still need to finish cutting out the lining.
  • The overskirt is done, as you all know.
  • Unless I get my sewing machine back soon or borrow one from a friend, this is likely to not be finished for the Symposium.


  • The fabric and the lining are both cut out. But I can't start putting it together without a sewing machine.

Fern picked a fine time to need a trip to the doctor didn't she?

What needs done:

  • Hem the petticoat.
  • Add the black ruffle to the petticoat.
  • Cover pocket w something for the Roma steampunk.
  • Gather jewelry for the Roma steampunk.
  • Pin together the basque and the playsuit.

I also need to...

  • Make a sarong to take to Florida with me
  • And make a blanket before I go to a concert on the 25th

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