Friday, April 13, 2012

Quilting Ideas

I've been contemplating making myself a sampler quilt. So today I took a look at quilt patterns and started making a list of patterns I like. I'm thinking of using a lot of state themed blocks along with some Bible themed and then just some blocks that I like. I have a box full of cotton scraps, I might as well make a quilt.


Mainly traditional: Amish Star, Aunt Dinah, Baton Rouge Square, Celtic Twist, Treasures from Ireland, Triple Irish Chain, Dublin Steps, Flying Bats, Irish Chain, Jack in the Pulpit, Log Cabin, Kiss Block, Love Entangled, Northumberland Star, Oh Susanna, Pathways, Providence, Shoo Fly, Spinning Star, Square and Star, Star in Square, Stepping Stones, Churn Dash, A Dandy, Salem, Prairie Queen

Biblical: Cross and Crown, Crown of Thorns, Dove in the Window, Jacob's Ladder

States: Ohio Snowflake, Ohio Star, Crossing Ohio, Pennsylvania Parade, Indiana Puzzle, Kentucky Patch

I'm thinking machine pieced and hand quilted. Definitely a long term project.

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