Monday, April 16, 2012

Progress! Update 4/16/2012

Weekend progress:

I think the Roma accessories are finished. I ended up covering the clip on purse with purple brocode, black and silver stripe and black lace.

The playsuit is together except for the zipper and the hem, which can wait til after the Symposium if necessary.

I started blanket stitching the fleece blanket and got about halfway done before my fingers were killing me. I need to buy more pearle cotton today so I can finish it.

I cut out the base of the mask. I've got white satin to do the bottom layer and black flocked chiffon for the top because I couldn't find any lace in my stash.

So my current list is:
  1. Finish the blanket after I buy more pearle cotton.
  2. Finish the mask.
  3. After the Symposium, finish the playsuit and see about a sarong.

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