Thursday, April 12, 2012

Petticoat of Doom

Well, friends, after hours of gathering, hand sewing, and decorative machine stitching of dozens of yards of fabric, the petticoat of doom is DONE. Which means of course that (except for accessories) my steampunk Roma costume is also DONE.

*pause for rejoicing*


The completed petticoat (of doom)

A close up of the hand stitched hem with lace.

A close up of the decorative stitching along the hem of the bottom ruffle

As for accessories, I'm attempting to decorate this little clip on purse, that just happens to fit perfectly onto the D rings on my corset. This was actually on accident, I didn't even know I had this little purse when I was putting the D rings on!

I don't really like the black braid that's pinned on here, so I am taking suggestions. Current ideas include a white lace rossette with a large silver button in the middle, a small pocket on the outside for my calling cards, and lace or fringe instead of (or in addition to) the braid.

Any other suggestions?

I'm also planning to do something with some fake coins I have, jewelry or trim on something. And I've been gathering together jewelry together, so far I have huge hoop earrings and lots of bangles to wear, as well as a few necklaces. I also think I'm going to add some more D rings to my corset.

In other news, the basque bodice is ready for the next stage of sewing as is the playsuit. My plan this weekend is to tackle the playsuit first and get it to the zipper stage. Then work on and hopefully finish the bodice before the Symposium.

To Do List (in two weeks from tomorrow for the most part):
  • Finish the accessories for steampunk Roma
  • Finish putting together the playsuit: stitching lines on the back, elastic, sewing sides to back and front, then sewing the bodice to the shorts.
  • Blanket stitch the fleece blanket edges. I think I found some thread in my stash
  • Fix the basque lining, then sew the shoulders of the lining and the outside together. Fix the vest pieces (basting showed when I turned them) and sew those onto the bodice, then try it on. Finish the sleeves. Finish and attach the collar. Attach the sleeves. Insert the boning, attach the lining. Cut yards of bias from the Paris print and use it to trim out all the raw edges. Add false buttons to the front and some kind of actual closure, thinking snaps.
  • Make a mask for one of my costumes for the masquerade.
  • After the Symposium, put a zipper in the playsuit.

You know I'm really wondering if the bodice is going to be finished or not...So much left to do...Idea: wear it as a vest now and add the sleeves later...

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