Friday, April 6, 2012

What's In Miss Wilde's Sewing Basket

I packed a lot to work on this weekend, since it's my only sewing machine access for a while:

  • The petticoat. I just finished sewing the hem by hand, but I need to add the black ruffle, so the black broadcloth is packed. I also packed the crazy quilt skirt so we can measure the petticoat length for the black ruffle.
  • The basque bodice. I need to finish cutting the lining from the broadcloth and start putting it together.
  • The blanket.
  • The playsuit. Everything's cut out just need to start putting it together. I found lilac thread to use! And I think I'm just gonna with a white zipper.

I'm hoping to get the petticoat done, the blanket sewn together and ready for hand work and the playsuit and the bodice at least started this weekend. I might concentrate on the playsuit first, because I don't see it taking a lot of time.

Here's hoping I get Fern back from the doctor soon...

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