Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updated April To Do List

Basic To Do List:
  • Gypsy / Roma Steampunk - Deadline: April 24
  • 1880s Paris Themed Bodice and Overskirt - Deadline: April 24
  • Playsuit for Florida - Deadline: May 2
  • Blanket - Deadline: April 24
  • Sarong for Florida - Deadline: May 2

Where I Currently Stand and What Still Needs Done:

Gypsy / Roma Steampunk: This is a complicated costume, and most of the pieces are done: The bodice has been done for months. I finished the crazy quilt skirt last weekend. The headscarf is done (wearable at least). And the petticoat is almost complete: I reinforced the yoke last night with another piece of fabric and pinned on the waistband. So all that's left is stitching the waistband on and adding a closure. And gathering the jewelry to wear.

1880s Paris Themed Bodice and Overskirt: The overskirt has been done. The bodice is in the process of being put together. There's a lot of work left to be done on the bodice so we'll see if it gets done in time. This is on hold til I get my sewing machine back.

Blanket: This is put together, I need to buy some embroidery floss (probably black) and start blanket stitching the edges.

Playsuit: Almost complete. I need to sew channels on the back, insert the elastic, finish putting the bodice together, attach the bodice to the legs and then insert the zipper.

Sarong: I doubt much sewing will be involved in this. I may just take a length of fabric with me and use it with unfinished edges. Of course, I need to sort through my fabric first and find something to use.

I called yesterday, but the sewing machine repair place was closed. I'm going to call again today. Hopefully I'll get my machine back soon. For now, I'm going to work on the petticoat and then the blanket, since that's handwork. And find fabric for the Florida Sarong.

EDIT: I called on my lunch and Fern was ready for pickup, so I went and got her! She's safe and sound in my trunk now and I can't wait to sew with her! That'll happen tomorrow. :)

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